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News For February 9, 2010

A crowd of devoted believers for the 7th

A crowd of devoted believers for the 7th

The Power of prayer

Dear brothers and sisters,

I have so many things on my plate and in my head that I feel overwhelmed. But you should know that I find strength knowing that many brothers and sisters are praying for me. Here is a sample of what I have just read.

People in the worship of the Lord

People in the worship of the Lord

Continuing to lift you up in prayers as you continue to show the light to so much darkness … He walks with you (emphasis added),” Sandy Hershman.

Alan Burk writes, “I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Haiti daily.” He attached four pictures showing the snow all over. I quickly got another appreciation for the sun and the warm weather that I am enjoying here. Don’t you wish you were here with me like the 9 missionaries we have here.

They are praying to their Father

They are praying to their Father

Michael Nakoff continues the encouragement circle by reminding me of this famous statement: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

Do you want to know what Doug Delp, the preacher of Timber Lake Christian Church in Moberly MO, said? He says “Still praying for you.”

Joy Ann says “Novelty (MO) Christian Church continues to pray for you and all of Haiti.”

Talking with some of the victims of the earthquake

Talking with some of the victims of the earthquake

And it seems that Amy, all the way in Alaska, knew what Joy Ann wrote and did not want to repeat what Joy says, so she wrote, “We have not stopped praying for you.”

After reading these beautiful thoughts I could not be the same, even if for some odd reason I wanted to. It is even more moving when I realize that about a thousand other people would like to write, or say similar things and other encouraging words as well. Wow! Yes, there is power in the blood. Yes, there is power in prayer. Thanks to all of you who are praying for all of us.

The bobcat at work in prep for the 7th

The bobcat at work in prep for the 7th

Please continue to pray that the action we have taken, and those that we are about to take, will make an eternal impact on the people who will benefit from them. We have already welcomed over 50 students at Living Water who were in Port-au-Prince. I will have the exact number at the end of the day. These students will pay anything. We will provide one uniform to some of them and maybe to all of them. We will provide books and other school supplies also to some of them.

We will need to increase the amount of money we spend monthly for the cafeteria as it will obviously cost more to feed them. We will also help some with funds to rent a home so that they can have a place to stay with their families. We will provide some food as well. Pray that these action can show people the Lord of love.

We have not gone to Leogane and Petit-Goave yet, but we hope to go next week. Pray for that.

Because you prayed last Wednesday, we did not have any death, nor broken leg, nor broken arms. It was almost 1:00 PM, when one of our students began screaming “Earthquake”. Then the whole class went wild with her. They were on the second floor and the noise of their stampede frightened the others. Students, teachers and vocational students all began to run. Some even jumped from the second floor to the ground.

Praise God, because you are praying for Living Water, the angels protected these kids from the worst. The principal, my wife and other members of the staff were there to help. It was more tragic when the media began saying on the radio that the Living Water buildings crumbled and even announced non-existing injuries. Later the rumors falsely had me and the principal in jail. I was not even in Haiti when it all happened. I am glad to have an All Powerful God who protects us with the power of prayer to overcome any challenges, regardless of however high they are.

This week we have some of our great friends visiting. We have Jim and Darlene Williams, Caleb Plumb and both of his parents, Jodi, Crystal, Ray Ivy, and Bill De Fries. They came for the 7th anniversary of the Church. We continue to need your prayers for them. Tomorrow, the Plumbs and Jodi are returning to the States. Pray for their safe return. The rest of the crew will return to The Dominican Republic on Sunday.

The celebration of the 7th anniversary of Living Water went better than our expectations. Ephesians 3:20-21, a text that brother Bob Stacy loves very much, came alive for us. First, we decided to have a big celebration only the Sunday before. Because after the earthquake, we were not motivated to celebrate.

But on January 31, while getting ready to preach, I felt convicted by the Lord to have a big celebration. When I announced it, the other servant-leaders of the Church thought I was crazy. Some even wondered if I was joking. “Nope“, I said.

Then they went to work. They prayed. The made up multiple teams to work in different areas as the day was getting closer and closer. Consequently on the “D” day, we could not have had a better celebration.

We estimated that there might have been some 2,300 people at the service, based on the size of the crowd, and on how many meals we served. Yes, HE fed them all. We had a flawless and peaceful distribution. People while in the sun did not stop to give praise to the Son. It went so well only because of the power of prayer. The best part of it was that two people decided to be baptized afterward. One who was deep in Voodoo asked us to pray for her and she decided to leave Voodoo to come to Christ.

Prayer is powerful, because the All Powerful God chose it to be the means to talk to HIM. I beg you all to continue to pray for us. I have included a few photos. The first three are pictures taken at the celebration of the 7th. The fourth one was taken while I had a meeting with about 25 victims of the earthquake who are now taking refuge or returned to Gonaives. The last one pictures the bobcat at work.

Thanks to all of you who pray for us.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe and team

Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” … “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple, his hands will also complete it.” (Zech 4:6, 9)

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