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News For August 15, 2008

Junior Choir

Junior Choir

Dear beloved brothers and sisters,

It is again my privilege to greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Our Lord. We thank all of you for your prayers. I know that many people are praying for us. We are most grateful for that. We petition you to continue to pray in our behalf. We will pray for you as well.

I thank God for choosing me for such a grand work. This is the greatest privilege I have ever received after being adopted in His family. I know for sure that He has not chosen me because I am strong or because I am worthy or because of the family I am from. I only know that He chose me. I want to be pleasing in His sight. This is a quest. I want to do an excellent job for Him. This is my prayer. I do not want to do anything else beside working for Him. Yet the old enemy, always faithful in his work, never ceases to try to make it more difficult. I, once again, ask for your prayers.

Ordination candidates and wives

Ordination candidates and wives

When we began Living Water Christian Church five years ago, we planned to have a leadership composed of deacons and elders in five years. Well, it has been 5 and half years now. Last Sunday we ordained two elders and four deacons. Pierre Edouard Fevrier from Village Saint-Armand Christian Church was there, Melio Jean from Sonlight Christian Church was there and Georges Francois from Trou-Sable also was there. We had a great worship service followed by the ordination ceremony. The four hundred plus people who attended did not complain for putting an additional 45 minutes on the usual schedule. We were blessed. Pray for these men: Jude Lozin, Louis Jean Gilles, Pierre Jules Adolphe, Ethvat Cherilus, Oslet Lozin, and Robin Etienne.

School cafeteria roof construction

School cafeteria roof construction

The construction of the cafeteria continues. But we are stuck not knowing what to do. We only have a balance of 790 USD in the cafeteria account and we still need to buy two tons of steel. When we did the estimate last year a ton of steelcost 800 USD, now the ton costs 1,850 USD. A bag of cement cost 7 USD then, and today as I am writing, it cost 10 USD a bag. We do not want to stop the work because it is important, but we need more money than expected.

We sometimes get discouraged when we see that the Gov officials in Port-au-Prince do nothing to improve the situation. Food prices keep rising every day. Today a can of rice costs an additional dollar. It is a very scary situation. Haiti needs your prayers. I know that the USA needs a lot of prayer also, especially with the presidential election only a few months away. We will pray for you.

We had another funeral today. Louis Jean Gilles mother died. Pray for the family. She was 63 years old. She died of cancer.

Once again let me call your attention to the RBK program, which is Rice and Beans for Kids. Please contribute so that we can feed the children of the school. We would also like to feed the children in the community if we can raise enough money.

I want to hear from all of you. Please do not hesitate to drop me a line since I am building my address book for my new e-mail address.

I love you all and I thank you for partnering with us to do God’s job here in Haiti. My deep appreciation for you.

In Christ,

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