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News For March 8, 2011

Future Sunday attendance

Future Sunday attendance

“If you can”?

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in HIS name!

I thank God every time I find the opportunity to write to you. This is the time that I think about some of you specifically as if you were present while I am typing each letter of a word. This is also the time that I reflect on some of the works of God in our midst. This is also the time I ponder on what we want to see accomplished here in the near or remote future. In all of this it is not our timing. It is God’s timing, as brother Paul Green reminded us this morning in his leadership training seminar.

Worship service on March 6th

Worship service on March 6th

Today this article will take us into the future of Living Water. It is a future that requires faith, total reliance on God, much prayer and sacrifice on the part of both Haitians and American players of our team.In the next five years one of the things that I want to see accomplished here at Living Water is the construction of our Church building. It is a huge task. But we serve the God who is much, much, much bigger than it. In fact, for God this is a little project, but honestly for us it is huge one.

We are tackling this project because we serve the God who owns everything. We tackle this project because we believe in the All Powerful God. We tackle it because we know and see that the field here is white already for harvest and we don’t want to lose the crop. We tackle it because we believe in the big G-God — the God who calmed the storm; walked on water; turned water into wine, and fed a huge crowd with five loaves and two fish.

Really another reason we tackle it is because we feel like this is the time. We now have confident servant-leaders who strongly believe that God will do it. They are dynamic, young and ready. We need to feed that readiness so we can win many more people together.

The need for space is evident

The need for space is evident

At Living Water we are on the move. We established the building commitee yesterday. Very soon we will start collecting funds from members of the congregation. They may be small in quantity, but will be of great value in God’s eyes. As a church and as individuals we are already engaged in daily prayers for the construction. We have already watched the powerpoint presentation and DVD giving details about the building. We are motivated to start gathering building material as soon as possible. The leadership has also decided to go through 30 days of prayer revival to focus on praying for the building. These kinds of activities will go on as the building progresses as well.

Blessings on Raoul and Ednive

Blessings on Raoul and Ednive

We need about two million dollars for the project. That is serious money, but not for our God. Some people have millions or even billions. Thinking that finding two million dollars to do God’s work cannot be too much. Thousands of souls will come weekly to hear the word of God. Lives will be transformed and heaven will welcome more people. This cannot be too much. So join us in thinking this way and in praying so that God provides the money.

So here is what we want you to do for us:

  • Pray so that God may bless this effort.
  • Create missions teams to join us in building the church building. We will need a lot of people: thinkers, brick layers, welders, carpenters, constructors, electricians, plumbers, painters, concrete carriers, cooks, advisers, etc.
  • Motivate other people and Churches to join us in realizing the monumental task. We need thousands of contributors to realize this task.
  • Send your personal financial contribution or use the Paypal option on our website to send your contribution.
  • Do fund raising so that we can build it together.
  • Send encouraging words to counter balance the negative ones which will come our way from the Tobiah, the Sanballat, the Ammonites, the Arabs, and the men of Ashdod (Nehemiah 4:7).
  • Share your expertise with us.

Paul Green teaching leaders in Gonaives

Paul Green teaching leaders in Gonaives

The building will be done, but God will use you and me to do it.

I have included six pictures. The first one was taken on the 8th anniversary of the Church where over 2400 people attended. We pray that someday this will be the attendance of one service. It will be done if you and I do our job.

The second picture is a section of the attendance at the first service because people sat in the hall; in classrooms and on the porch outside.

The third picture was taken during the wedding ceremony of brother Raoul and Ednive. They are a great couple; a faithful young man and a faithful young woman who honored the Lord with their young lives. Please pray for them.

The fifth is the picture of brother Paul Green teaching. We had over over 40 people who came to the leadership training seminar. Today was our second day and tomorrow the third. Everything is going amazingly well so far.

In parallel with the teaching, the second mission team is doing eye care. Brother Troy Baker and Karen Green and their assistants Michael, Kylee, Krista and Heather are helping the many people who come for care.

students are getting ready for morning devotion

students are getting ready for morning devotion

The last photo shows the students standing for morning devotion. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

Jesus was on the mountain with his closest disciples: Peter, James and John. At the same time the remaining nine had a mountain before them too high to climb and too little faith to move. It involved a desperate father who needed healing for his son who was troubled by demons. When Jesus came everybody had their eyes focused on him. Some were wondering if Jesus would meet his match that day. The father who wanted healing for his son stumbled on the words that came from deep down his heart. He said: “If you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”

If Jesus ever got offended this was probably the time. His reply could be an indication of that. Jesus said: “If you can”? The father quickly understood Jesus’s reply. Before the father even said anything else, Jesus said: “Everything is possible for him who believes.” (Mark 9:23). Don’t say to Jesus: If you can provide money to build that Church. If you do, you will hear Him say: “If you can”? Brothers and sisters He is able!

This may be my last update from Haiti for a while. I will be traveling to the US this week. Please pray for my trip. Pray for my family. I am missing them already and I am still here. Pray that God bless the trip beyond measure. My professor and friend Bob Stacy likes to quote Ephesians 3:20-21. I am concluding with it. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Your brother in Christ and his team,
Salonique Adolphe

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” … “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple, his hands will also complete it.” (Zech 4:6, 9)

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