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News For August 22, 2008

Waiting for Church to start

Waiting for Church to start

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you all.

Dad, I pray that you and mom had a good time in Alaska. All of us here are doing well in spite of the many challenges we have as a Church.

Last Sunday we had a full house, yet many people stayed home because of the tropical storm Fay. We had some rain on Saturday, but we had a beautiful Sunday from morning to evening. Murielle and Monexant led worship, I (Salonique) preached both morning and evening.

Murielle and Monexant leading singing

Murielle and Monexant leading singing


On Monday, we had the leadership meeting as usual. The purified water project was part of the things we were discussing. The water team reported their findings to the whole group. Briefly, we could not find anyone to work with us on our project. They see it as a threat to their own water business. Only one place told us they are willing to help, but they also told us the equipment we need will cost 12,000 USD. The whole project is estimated to cost no less than 20,000 USD. Pray for this worthy water project.

I had a fairly easy week. I did not teach this week. Last Wednesday Jude led the Bible study in my place. I need some rest so I am trying to reduce my workload.

Micah was at the USA embassy yesterday. He was granted a US visa for three months. He should be in the US anytime in September visiting with our friends and Churches if all possible. Thank God for this visa.

School Cafeteria 8/22/2008

School Cafeteria 8/22/2008

Progress on the cafeteria continues. We still face the financial challenge of steel and cement. Please pray for the completion of the cafeteria. Our school staff is working hard to get ready for school. We will be open on Sept 8. They had two days working on the division of the curriculum yesterday and today. They came out satisfied with what they have accomplished.

I am encouraging by all you dear friends who have sponsored a child or participated in the RBK program. RBK stands for Rice and Beans for Kids. The RBK program is there primarily to feed the kids of the school. You can participate as a family, as an individual, as a Bible College (Students/faculty) as a Church family, retirement center, Sunday school, ladies group, men’s group, etc. Please spread the word and set up a bucket to collect funds. Use any creative means you can think of to collect funds so we can buy the food supplies here to feed the kids. This will greatly help our kids learning capacity. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this project.

God bless you all. Thanks for all you do for Living Water.

In Christ,

Salonique and team

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