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News For June 18, 2011

Enjoying one of the last meals for this year

Enjoying one of the last meals for this year


Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in His name! We all have our own challenges and we all know brothers and sisters in Christ or friends and relatives who are facing tough challenges these days.

  • Finals week for our students

    Finals week for our students

    I am thinking about my friend Chad Summa whose father is battling cancer where only a miracle from God can give him victory over it.
  • I am thinking about my brother in the Lord Mike Foday in Liberia, West Africa, whom beside the daily challenges of ministrying to Churches and people had a mechanic steal his car. It was the only vehicle he had to do ministry in two different countries.
  • We also have all the people who live in Joplin. A good number of them are our brothers and sisters, people whom we know and work side by side with. They are facing a challenging time.
  • Should we even mention our brothers and sisters who have gone weeks or months without a job and the bills don’t stop coming.
  • I am reminded of a brother, Stephen Walton, who has another type of challenge before him. He and his wife want to go to Ireland to be a Herald there, to be witnesses for Jesus, but lack of funding keeps them from going.
  • Others of us have spiritual mountains before us, we need the mountain mover: Jesus.
Junior Church in worship

Junior Church in worship

Here the last few days have been really busy. Students are preparing for Government tests beginning this coming Tuesday all the way to Mid July. Our students lost so many days of school. Now we have to work almost every day of the week to finish with the curricula. This has kept me busier and also the other staff members and some teachers. That is for the school.

The church presents big, big challenges these days. The problem of space is more and more critical. Last Sunday, if we should believe brother Caceus, we had 166 people who had to stand outside to worship. Some did actually sit in classrooms instead. It is a tough issue.

If it is this way now, that means in September it may worsen, meaning more people will be ouside. In my last trip to the U.S., my friend Arlan Howard invited me to a conference on Small Groups. I learned much. Some of them were American, but there are principles which can apply to our context. So we have decided to have different groups based on their geographical location and the leaders are charged to make them evangelistic. If this works it will increase the attendance as well. The project of the radio station, in spite of the hurdle that we have before us to find an estimate from a company for the equipment, we won’t give up. This will also trigger growth. So it is obvious we have to do something. Our challenge is for a transitional building soon, very soon. Challenge! On top of that Satan does not stop throwing many things to us to deal with on a daily basis. So we need much help.

Making space for the Junior choir

Making space for the Junior choir

We need your prayers. We needs to find funds to start building the transitional building as soon as possible. Our church here has already raised about 1000 USD for the project. We will continue raising funds to the best of our capacity. We need people who can come to put the roof on for us. We will have a tin roof. We need a quality job to be done on it. So if you can, or know someone who works on tin roofs let me know.

Please praise the Lord for the dump truck that is in Florida and is supposed to make it to Haiti soon. Pray that it arrives here as soon as possible.
Praise God for another school year. Pray for all of us who are working here. We pray for many of you too.

In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe

A view of the people who sit outside

A view of the people who sit outside

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” … “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple, his hands will also complete it.” (Zech 4:6, 9)

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