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Another Flood! Please pray for the Haitians

(The following tragic news was received September 3, 2008)

I received a call from Salonique.

The flood is worse than it was three years ago and it is still raining. Bill Fudge and a companion of his from Cincinnati, OH is there with Salonique’s family–safe–up on the second story of their house. Hurricane Hanna came over Haiti and deposited unbelievable amounts of water. Salonique says he can’t believe this. He had never seen anything like these two floods in his lifetime. Thousands will loose their lives again. The water is deeper than before. He described it as up to the roof tops.

Dear brethren, pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

You can send help to Northeast Evangelism, 900 South Clark St., Moberly, MO 65270. We’ll keep you posted.

Fred Green, Forwarding Agent for Living Water

(Read a story about Gonaives flooding from Reuters News)

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