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News For August 12, 2011

Meeting for worship on August 7th

Meeting for worship on August 7th

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Dear Partners,

“Every time, I think about you, I give thanks to My God, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ [here] from the first day until now,” (Philippians 1:3, 5 NLT/NIV). Those of you who have been here in the last few months can testify that God has done wonderful things here. Of course what God has done goes far beyond the classrooms, the auditoriums, the courts and other physical things on our campus. He has transformed lives. He has provided hope. He has taken many from the dominion of Satan into His Kingdom. He has educated some; given meaning to others and picked up many more off the ground to put them on their feet.


Sunday school teacher Emmanuel (Manno)

I was talking with a lady not too long ago. She said: “Living Water has a positive influence on life in the community.” She was not trying to flater us in any way, and on top of that she is a keen observer (She has also done us the favor of telling us what could be better as well). Well, I have to confess that while I gave all the glory to God, I did feel good about the fact that God takes pride in using the lowly to make a significant impact. So to all of you who have been with us from day 1, and to all of you who have joined us along the way: Thanks. May God bless you first of all spiritually, then physically. And I humbly kneel before My God to praise Him for doing such amazing things using ordinary people like us. All Hail the power of Jesus’ name!!!

As I was getting ready to write this report I overheard the voices of the juniors who came from church camp. As they were entering the gates they sang with very loud voices. Isn’t it good to hear that?

Youth are in the process of planting treesChurch attendance is still low. We had 576 in attendance last Sunday. We are preaching from 1 Corinthians. We’ve just finished Haggai. This coming week we will actually start Small Groups (Haitian style). Some of our groups are really small churches. We plan to divide them so we can have 40 in at least 6 of them as opposed to 90.

We continue to work on clearing the church property. We want to break ground for the transitional building very bad. We are losing one of our Sunday School teachers for good. He is leaving Haiti to join his family in New Jersey. We praise God for such a reunion. Brother Emmanuel has been a blessing (see photo).

In less than a month school will resume. That is always a stressful time. We have to prepare classrooms, offices, library and other things. We don’t know yet how many students we will have. This year we are making a lot of restrictions so we won’t have more than we can take care of. The results of the government tests are still not ready. But there are rumors of corruption going on. We are praying for the success of our students.

Marc (Salgini) is reading Scripture

Marc (Salgini) is reading Scripture

This week thieves broke into the office of our school secretary and took her computer full of very critical data. In the last few weeks they have made more unsuccessful attempts. We are working on raising the wall of the school campus. But before we could complete the wall project, they stole the computer. We will continue to raise the wall. It also become a necessity that we have razor wires on top of the walls as well.

Please join us to thank God for:

  • Our workers here who work tirelessly to impact others.
  • Our supporters who continue to give by faith.
  • Our brother Jude who moved into his own house (humble as it is) last Saturday.
  • Our brothers and sisters who are working hard in the USA to make things go forward here.
  • The progress of the gospel in Haiti and in Gonaives in particular.
  • The victories He has given to our young people over demons.
  • All those who have invested their time in clearing the Church property.


Raising the wall because of thievery

Raising the wall because of thievery

Please pray for:

  • Our next school year
  • Our students
  • The church to reach out to as many as possible through our small groups
  • The members of Living Water Christian Church who face various kinds of challenges
  • Funds to build the transitional church building, the clinic and the radio station
  • The safe arrival of our dump truck and bus
  • Our leaders to have their eyes directed toward heaven


God bless you.

In Him,
Salonique and team

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” … “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple, his hands will also complete it.” (Zech 4:6, 9)

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