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News For February 9, 2012

Dusty Teaching Jesus in John

Dusty Teaching Jesus in John

Thanks Be to Him!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in HIS name!

Every year we stop to celebrate the wonders of God among us. Each passing year the celebration gets better and better. This year though we were facing a lot of financial challenges to the point that we thought we were going to have a smaller celebration than the one we had last year. We were preparing for a service which will lift up JESUS, but there are many things we knew that we could not afford to do.

Brother Doug Delp Proclaiming the Word during the 9th anniversary

Brother Doug Delp Proclaiming the Word during the 9th anniversary

So we agreed that the events that will precede the celebration will be (1) a crusade which we would hold every evening from Sunday to Friday and (2) a three-day seminar with three different teachers namely: Brian Sevitts (Theology of Worship), Doug Delp (Stewardship in the Church) and Dusty Delafield (Jesus in John’s Gospel). Then we would have the celebration in the morning and will conclude with a concert.

Thanks be to Him, we had a wonderful crusade. We had great praises, wonderful specials and great preaching each night! In the six nights we had 20 people who came forward to give their lives to Jesus. We had a meeting with them last Tuesday and had 16 show up in the meeting. Arrangements are being made so they can be baptized into Christ this weekend. We praise HIM for that.

Early Morning of the 9th Anniversary Celebration

Early Morning of the 9th Anniversary Celebration

On the Sunday preceeding the celebration, and throughout the week, it was obvious that the people were committed to feed those who would come for the celebration of the 9th. There were doubters among us. Yet we all agreed to give it our best shot and we did.

As late as Saturday afternoon the funds for drinks were still lacking, but we managed to raise it. True, we were not able to feed all 3000 plus people who were there, but we were able to feed over 2500 of them. Thanks be to God for the people who undertook such a challenge.

God's people in Prayer at the Worship Service

God’s people in Prayer at the Worship Service

Last Sunday, very early (about 4 in the morning) a joyful sound of music was coming out of our loud speakers. By 5 A.M. people were coming from all directions one by one. Around 5:30, as scheduled, we started the celebration of our 9th anniversary. Around 6 A.M. people, in their best clothes, were flocking from all directions to come to celebrate with us.

Wonderful music, a good choice of songs, praises and prayers were offered to God out of grateful hearts for what He has done in the past 9 years. We serve a Great God, a God who specializes in the impossible. He is the God of victory — the miracle working God. He has done many, many miracles on our behalf during those past years. We praise Him for that.

Even the 3,000 plus voices who were there were not sufficient to thank HIM for the things He has done. That is why we invite you again to continue to thank HIM for what He has done for us throughout this week. He deserves all our praise.

Taking communion During the Service

Taking communion During the Service

I know many of you were with us in the spirit, we thank God for that. We pray that God will continue to do wonders for us throughout this year as we continue to work for Him. Join us in this prayer.

Thanks to the team from Miamitown Church of Christ (OH) who was with us. Thanks to Terry, Todd, Mark, Logan and Dusty. Thanks to Doug and Brian of Timberlake Christian Church. You were all a blessing from God. Thanks for your hard work and teaching.

In Christ,


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