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News For March 31, 2012

Day of Colour at Living WaterGlimpses of Living Water

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in His name!

The last two weeks we had in our home my long time friend Daniel Petit-Frère. He is a man of big vision. We had a lot of fun time together and everyone in the house was blessed by his presence. Yesterday I was overjoyed to see my friends Caleb and Melanie Plumb. They have been in Caries with Dee and Wickly Dorcé. It was a very short visit, but I prize hugs from these great friends. Brother Wickly was performing two weddings at the time so I did not have time to shake his hands. Today we will have the privilege to welcome Jodie Stoessel in our home. I got my hug from her yesterday too and we will get to enjoy a few days with her.

Children and Teens in WorshipYesterday afternoon something wonderful happened. I was watching the teachers having a hard time surviving the first half of a soccer match with our students. Just at the beginning of the second half a couple of teenage girls came to me saying they needed my help with one of their peers who was on the ground with demon possession. I secretly said inside of me “There goes my fun time”, yet I knew it was a priority at the time.

I went with the girls and picked up the other girl. After about 20 minutes of singing, prayers and reading of Psalms two of them took me aside. They told me the story of their friend and the persecution she is undergoing at the hand of her own dad because she is a Christian. They mentioned all the fruitless efforts of her father to make her leave Christ and all the wonderful things that God has done for that girl, which increase their faith in Christ.

New Believers Sunday School ClassInside of me I said “These are teenagers of Living Water”. I was proud of them. They basically coached me about the specific situation of that teenage girl. They told me that they have a singing group called the “Worshipers” and they were at the church for rehearsal when she was attacked. Well, we returned to the prayer circle and after 15 more minutes of songs and prayers she was well. We praised our Jesus. Pray for brother Jackson who, along with Mrs. Jean Gilles and others, is doing a wonderful job with the children’s ministry.

Those of you who enjoy soccer may be interested in the score of the game. We got the upper hand in the second half and we won 3 to zero.

Reading the Word Before the SermonAttached to this message are five pictures. During the last day of school for this trimester, the staff of the school declared what they called “A Day of Color”. During that day the students do not wear uniforms. They wore clothes of their choice, but of course they would have to be decent clothes. They have just finished with finals this week. Now they have Easter break and classes will resume on the 10th of April. In the second picture we have our junior church in worship of the King of kings. I love Jesus. He is the only One who deserve our worship. Let us worship Him on a daily basis. Let us make it a priority to meet in assembly every first day of the week. If you have missed a Sunday since the year began, strive not to miss another one, please.

The third picture was taken at the New Believers Class. Many of them were absent that day. Some of them were there that morning. We have been working on them for a long time, but now they have said yes to Jesus. One of our new families who recently said yes to Jesus is tempting to look back. Please pray for that family so that they grow roots in Jesus.

Brother Caceus Preaching the WordBefore the message, like many churches do, we read the text that the preacher is going to preach on. Brother Caceus, a bright young preacher, was preaching that day. Caso as we call him, will be the preacher at White Mountain Church. Please pray for him. He seems to have a special project for the end of this year about “Yes I do.” Caso and I were at Marmelade Church last Wednesday. They had a week long revival (6 days), which ended last night. Caso was the preacher that night and I went to attend, I was Caso’s chauffeur. We had the privilege to visit during the two-hour drive. Tomorrow, Marmelade Church will celebrate their third anniversary. Time flies.

This week, a number of things have been done on the clinic. They are working on a septic tank as well as making preparations toward the roof for the second floor. Please continue to pray for the completion of this important project.

Thanks to all of you who pray, send e-mail, support financially, come visit us, and spread the word about the work of Living Water. Together we can impact many for Christ. I ask you for a favor. Please pray for my friend Warren Ashley who is not doing well and continue to pray for my sister Regina Green.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe and team

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