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News For July 21, 2012

Jude standing inside of the Church Building

Jude standing inside of the Church Building

Thanks be to God

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I thank God for each and every one of you who have been praying for us. God has answered your prayers. The evil plans of many who plotted against us have failed. Of course, we are all alive. We still have our house. Though we had to concede part of our back yard and lost the space where for our generator.

It was all done in such a way only God could have done it. The people who were plotting against us are now the ones being frustrated. We continue to need your prayers as we are planning to raise another in the back of our home. Pray that we can have it done next week, Lord willing.

The outside of the Church Building

The outside of the Church Building

Concerning the project of the new church plant, the days are slipping away from us too fast. We are behind schedule. The project is taking more money than anticipated and it is obvious that the building will not be completed before August 5th. We will launch the church that day anyway.

We have had different activities on the site to show our presence and several people in the area have consistently attended them all. This coming week from Monday 23rd to Saturday the 28th, we will have a door to door evangelistic campaign. It will target every home surrounding the church up to roughly one mile.

We will extend an invitation to these people to attend our week long crusade from July 29 thru August 3rd. August 4th will be set up day and August 5th 8 AM, we will launch the church. Pray for all our plans. Pray for brother Caceus Joseph who will be the minister there. Pray for his teammates: McKendy Cambronne, Micah Prophete among others.

The Health Clinic in Progress

The Health Clinic in Progress

We want you to know that these pictures are not the most recent. Now the roof is completed but we have not put on the doors yet. Thanks be to God for what He has made possible for us to do. We do ask you to pray so that we can have more funds to do the rest of the things that we need to do.

The health clinic looks better and better every day. It is a blessing to see. We thank God for everyone who has contributed to provide this beautiful facility. It will be used to care for both the physical and the spiritual needs of thousands. Your generosity will make it possible for my people to receive care from caring people with little or no cost. Thanks be to God for that.

We have tried to push the progress on the clinic building, but we may have to take a break from working on it next week because of funds. We ran out of funds for the clinic. In fact the clinic has weighed heavily on the general funds which are running dry at the present.

We ask for your prayers and we ask you to continue to help us if the Lord makes that possible. We still have to finish the stuccoing on the outside. We will need to do the flooring. Two couples from Cincinnati are coming to finish the wiring for us Mid-August. Please pray for Alan and his wife and Randy and his wife as they are planning to come to help us with this part of the project. Thanks be to God for brothers and sisters like them.

At the present we have Josh Bennet and Gale Bennet who are with us. They are both from Ohio (Cincinnati and Belpre). Josh will be preaching tomorrow at the church and will teach next week. Gale will be teaching two different groups of women (nurses and non-nurses) different techniques and important topics that they will be able to use both at home and at the clinic. Pray for them.

I hope that the heat is completely over for the sake of my beloved brothers and sisters in the Mid-west and for the sake of the farmers as well. We need rain and cooler weather there.

May God bless you for our sake. We thank you and love you.

In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe

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