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News For July 27, 2012

Prayer Service on the Behalf of the New Church Plant inside the Church Building

Prayer Service on the Behalf of the New Church Plant inside the Church Building

Our Big GOD!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Him who is Our Good Shepherd: JESUS!

Many of you have been informed of so many different ways Satan is attacking Living Water. However, our big “G” God always shows the enemy that He is the One who is in control.

Just this week, this time on the US soil, the enemy attempted to destroy our plan to transport the much needed health clinic materials. They were being transported from Missouri to Miami for shipping. Our brothers Calvin and Ray were driving the dump truck to Miami when the engine on the truck came apart. They were where Interstate 465 and 70 meet in five lanes with Ray in the middle lane. Smoke was in the air. Oil spilled all over.

The Almost Finish Entrance of the Health Clinic

The Almost Finish Entrance of the Health Clinic

Praise God the men were able to stop the truck without causing an accident and without being hurt themselves. Imagining such an extremely busy highway, I conclude that only God could have spared us from the worst. Calvin, Ray, and brother Chris McKinney are working on putting a new engine in the truck and plan to resume their travel with Miami/Haiti as the final destination.

These much needed materials will bless literally thousands when the health clinic is in operation in October. Continue to pray for us. Please, please pray that the government will issue us the license for the radio station. It is rather obvious that they are not going to deliver it to us without God’s intervention.

We praise our big GOD for the amazing progress on the health clinic. We deeply thank our beloved brothers and sisters who give generously and graciously to facilitate the progress on the health clinic. They are giving in spite of their daily challenges to make ends meet with an economy which looks gloomier and gloomier every day. Furthermore, the present state of the farms all over the States, particularly in the Midwest, leaves me with a heavy heart. Yet, I am confident that our big GOD will take care of us and will provide for our needs.

Our Opportunity to Advance the Completion of the Health Clinic

Our Opportunity to Advance the Completion of the Health Clinic

I want you to know that the east side of the outside of the health clinic is completed. The north side is almost finished. There are some minor touches to be made on it. The west side is not yet completed, but is in progress. However we have not done yet anything on the south side.

We were not able to work on the building this week because we are focusing on getting ready for the new church at White Mountain, so all general funds are geared that way. Please pray that our big God provides funds for us to finish these very vital projects. They are about helping people and winning people for Christ.

In the first picture you will see brothers and sisters who came last Saturday to have a time of prayer and fasting on behalf of the new church plant. They have had door to door evangelism every day this week. So far 18 people have decided to make Jesus Lord of their lives. The door to door evangelistic campaign will continue this afternoon and tomorrow. Next week will be an open air evangelistic crusade. Please pray for a great start of the new church on August 5th. The building will not be completed, but we will start anyway.

We serve a big God, so let us not be afraid to move forward in spite of the attacks of the enemy. With Jesus we are on the winning team.

In Christ,
Salonique and team

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