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News For August 4, 2012

Gail and Some of her Favorite Students at Living Water

Gail and Some of her Favorite Students at Living Water

One Person at a Time

Beloved Partners,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus!

Every day we come to a better understanding of the fact that God always keeps His promises. One promise I treasure is: “I am with you.” You experience this promise in a clearer way when the going gets tough. God has been with us and consequently we continue to move forward. In some cases much faster than we expected. We praise God for that.

Since we started our first church close to 10 years ago, God has made it possible for us to influence and bring to Him many people in Gonaives and in Marmelade. It is a blessing to be an instrument, a tool, in God’s mighty and artful hands.

We had two missionaries with us this past week. We had Gail Bennett and Joshua Bennett.

Josh Benett Proclaiming the Word in Marmelade

Josh Benett Proclaiming the Word in Marmelade

Gail, as a nursing professor, taught two groups of ladies every day. They had much fun learning and Gail had a ball teaching them. The last day was fun to watch those ladies pouring love on Gail and she was swimming in hugs and kisses. Many of them were people that God has allowed us to influence for Him. Gail has added value to those women. Praise God for that.

Josh preached three times. He preached twice on the first Sunday and preached in our village church last Sunday. He did a lot of filming and helped with various other chores. Thanks be to God for those dear people who are looking at partnering with us to influence more people for Christ. Gail’s heart was also stolen by the kids in the village church.

Open Air Crusade as Prelude to New Church Plant

Open Air Crusade as Prelude to New Church Plant

The last two weeks we were focused on evangelism at White Mountain. The first week we went door to door. The second week we had an open air crusade invading the place with the preaching of the gospel and with prayers. Over 40 people have given a positive response to the call. Praise God for them.

We beg you to pray for us as we are launching the new church plant tomorrow. I am very excited about the event and just can’t wait. We feel privileged to be entrusted such a noble job by God.

Allow me to thank all of you who have given to Living Water. Your gifts make this new church plant possible. I thank Dean and Martha Baker who have provided funds to finish the well. Itl should be in operation by next weekend because our caretaker moved in last night. Now we can move with the completion of the project.

Thanks, thanks and many thanks to all of you who pray for us. May God pour His blessings on you for our sake.

In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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