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News For October 11, 2012

Leveling the Soccer Before the Opening of the School

Leveling the Soccer Before the Opening of the School

School Has Resumed

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in the name of Jesus!

While I am typing these words I am not in Gonaives. I am with the medical group (IAMM) who came from Springfield, Illinois. They are flying out tomorrow to return to the States. At the same time, the medical team from Memphis, MO is working hard. They are following in the footsteps of the one leaving as they serve the people of Gonaives. The two teams have already served about 800 people from Monday to today. Yesterday they had to work in the morning only because yesterday afternoon was the inauguration of the medical clinic.

Instead of focusing on the clinic as I promised, I will focus on the opening of the school, leaving the health clinic again for the next e-mail. In the process of getting ready for school to reopen, Jude has judged important to work on the soccer field to make it easier on the kids while they will be playing soccer or running. He has spent hours to make the field more level and the kids appreciate very much his hard work.

The Classroom after the Stuccoing

The Classroom after the Stuccoing

Thanks to the help of a family, we were able to prepare three classrooms and the library of the school. Photo number 2 shows the look of the classroom after being stuccoed. Before that the old blocks offered a picture that was not fit for a place of learning. The class rooms will be painted soon to make them more appropriate for an environment of learning.

On October 1st we had the opening service for the new school year. Most of the students did not participate in the service. As a habit very few students show up for school on the first day. In fact, we looked very good by the amount of students who came the first day. Before and after the service old friends spent time playing, chatting, and having good fun. We were pleased to watch all of that going on. The students, in their beautiful uniforms, send a message of hope. I am pleased to look at it every day.

Buddies are Reconnected Again after a Long Summer

Buddies are Reconnected Again after a Long Summer

Thanks to all our sponsors: Individuals, Churches and Sunday School classes. We pray that together again this year, we will work to foster a better future for those students and consequently a better future for Haiti.

May God bless you all.

In Christ,
Salonique and team.

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