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News For December 3, 2012

High School Boys Playing Basketball During Recess

High School Boys Playing Basketball During Recess

Thank You!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in HIS name!

Since I returned from the US, I have not been able to send an e-mail until this present time. Yet I was preoccupied by it.

I have been going back and forth to the United States for 15 years. For the first five years, I was in school either at CCCB or at CCU. During those years, I had a lot of people who contributed in various ways to my education. Some are already gone, others are still striving for the Lord here. To all those people Thank you! God has used your investment in many ways to bring many to His knowledge and to birth hope in others.

Now Children of God

Now Children of God

The last 10 years have been incredible. You have proved to be reliable partners and teammates. You are always by us in spite of economic challenges. Some of you have already taken a child all the way through High School. Two people come to mind as I am saying this: Becky McCoy and Betty Yerion. If I named all, I would have a long list.

Thank you my friend for sponsoring a child in our school and for backing up the feeding program. Thanks to Ken Croll for such a great website. Thanks to IDES for all the projects that they have financed for us.

Thanks to all of you who have visited Living Water for a few hours, or a few days, or weeks. Thanks to all of you who have given months of service to Living Water. Thanks to Ray Ivy, Calvin Steinke, and their teammates in organizing the shipments for us. Thanks to everyone who collects goods to send to Living Water.

Preparing or Stuccoing the Guest House

Preparing or Stuccoing the Guest House

Thanks to all the medical teams, work groups, professors and preachers. Thanks to all of you who have welcomed a representative of Living Water in your home. Thank you for feeding us too often royally. Thanks to all of you who pray daily or often for us.

Thanks to all of you who have helped finance a project, or just give to general funds. Oh, you have fed thousands; given rest to many minds; and brought to faith in Christ many, not just in Gonaives (Dattes Ave), but also in Marmelade, and in White Mountain. Your brothers and sisters here thank you for all your kindness.

Last Sunday, we had 11 baptism, one of them came in the second service, that is the middle picture.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe

P.S. I am sorry to inform all of you who have engaged in the process for Bea to be granted a US student visa, her request was denied again last Friday. The time will come.

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