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News For March 6, 2013

lw-news-130306-1-200Forward with God on our side!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you all in His name!

I was working on this e-mail when my phone rang late afternoon yesterday. The news, the good news in fact was the “dump truck” with the medical clinic has arrived at the dock. It arrived more than three months after the promised date. Nevertheless it is here now. We praise God for that.

With these supplies the health clinic is going to make giant steps forward, which we anticipated because God is on our side. Now the challenge is getting it out of customs. We will start the process in a couple of hours. Pray that the custom fees are not ridiculously high, but reasonable.

lw-news-130306-2-200When this school year was began I resumed the effort to find help with “rice, beans and cooking oil” from World Food Program known here as “PAM.” But nothing works. They have changed their rules. They only provide food for elementary schools. They don’t to a school which has both elementary and high school.

So it was obvious that the challenge was going to be significant. But Our God has been providing as usual. So the feeding program is moving forward with God. We pray that Our God will continue to use His people so that we can continue to feed those kids the most needed one hot meal a day in school.

What would you think if I told you that a couple of the students who graduated continue to come by every day so that they can have the favor of the cooks to get that one hot meal necessary to their survival. Thanks and many thanks to all of you who keep this program going.

lw-news-130306-3-200I cannot wait to announce to you that the well at White Mountain is in full-time operation. This project drags on much longer than I anticipated and it costs much more. The ground is not well-drilling friendly. The water table is pretty low.

We launched a trial servicing at first. Then we had to take out the submersible pump again, do some other work and put it back again. The servicing trial continued with one set back. The generator we are using belongs to my family, and it happened that the very week we started trial servicing, that was also the same week that the transformer in my street blew up.

So we have to use my generator in two locations: White Mountain during the day and at my house in the evening. The commuting does not make things easy. We hope to buy a generator soon. It is not easy to find a good one in Gonaives. We long to putting an end to this project.

With God, White Mountain Church is moving pretty well. They broke a 100 twice already. In spite of the rain we had last Sunday, they had 90 people in service. We praise God for that.

Thanks to all of you for standing by our side. Thanks to all of you for your most coveted prayers. Thanks to all of you for your financial support. May God bless you for our sake.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe


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