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News For March 30, 2013

CEPROTEC, Our Professional and Technical School

CEPROTEC, Our Professional and Technical School

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in His name!

My friend Dan, talking about Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, refers to it as “The sacrifice that makes us [him and me] brothers.” I agree.That’s what makes all of us brothers and sisters. Yet the resurrection makes it even better. It shuts Satan and his demon’s mouth. It gives us life. It gives us hope. It makes Christianity the Faith that is worth having.

This week has been very busy in all of our churches. In Marmelade they are having a week long revival. As of yesterday 11 gave their lives to Jesus in baptism. They became children of God. This revival will continue onto next week.

Unloading The Medical Equipment

Unloading The Medical Equipment

In White Mountain they had a special service yesterday afternoon. They had me speak on the seven statements that Jesus made on the cross. After that the community came out to watch “The Passion.”

Here we had a prayer, fasting and teaching time from 7 to 12ish. Every day someone teaches on the events of that specific day. Of course it is a quick survey, because each teacher has only 1 hour to speak about the event of his day. It has been a blessed week for us all.

Tomorrow we will have only one service here. We will meet outside. We would love a little drizzle this afternoon to cover up the dust, because it is really windy now. In the evening the youth will put on a special presentation about the resurrection.

Our professional and technical school is doing fine. Our students did fairly well in the government exams. Of the 28 who took all the exams, 24 passed them with good scores. We have had the desire to add new sections to the vocational school. However we are struggling with the issues of space and means. We hope to be more useful to the youth as the Lord provides.

Last Sunday at White Mountain

Last Sunday at White Mountain

The medical equipment is all in. Many of the tools have already been put to good use. Thanks to IAMM, to IDES, to Ray and Cassie Ivy, to Calvin and Angie Steinke, to Dennis Smith and the hospital where he is serving. Thanks to all the people who have provided the equipment, the funds and the time to get things ready. I know you did that out of love. God will reward you for our sake.

White Mountain is growing. They had 108 in service last Sunday. That is only five months after the church was launched. We pray that God will continue to use Casseus and his teammates as they continue to serve there. Please pray for Casseus and his wife, because she was about two months pregnant and last weekend they lost the baby. Dr. Dan has done all he could to help during the ordeal.

To all of you, Happy Resurrection Sunday and let us go to worship tomorrow with a joyful heart.

Because He lives,

Salonique and team

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