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News For April 8, 2013

God's People in Worship on the Resurrection Sunday

God’s People in Worship on the Resurrection Sunday

Let’s Praise Him!

Dear friends,

Greetings to you in the name of Him who died for us on the cross: Jesus!

This time I am writing from Harrison, OH. I am at the home of my dear friends Ken and Pat Croll. I praise God for their hearts and their devotion to HIM and to the cause of Living Water. They serve me as if I was an angel of the Lord. Thanks to them and Praise to Him.

One of the reasons that we need to praise HIM is for the resurrection. The Sunday before yesterday, we had a Spirit-filled worship service were about 900 brothers and sisters came to lift up the name of Jesus and to praise HIM because of the resurrection. Two choirs sang. A lively time of praise was offered to HIM. Our missionary friends participated with us, they were Dr. Michale Lockwood and his wife Kathy, Dr. Jonathan and brother Ray Ivy. Dr. Jonathan, who speaks French, addressed the crowd in a very moving way, so did Ray Ivy. Then the word was proclaimed.

The Latest Medical Team Working on Medical Equipment

The Latest Medical Team Working on Medical Equipment

We also praise God for the medical equipments and for all those who have been working very hard to get them to Haiti. We are grateful to God for Ray Ivy, Denis Smith, Sandy Brewer, Calvin Steinke, Dr. Kamra Defries, and all the churches, hospitals and individuals who contributed so that we can now have the equipment in order to serve the city by providing good health care to our people. Praise be to God for those who have been providing funds for not only the construction of the clinic, but also for the materials needed to run it.

Last Wednesday, Dr. Dan and the nurses delivered the very first baby at the health clinic: A boy. The parents, brother Francely and his wife, are very grateful for the health clinic and are proud to welcome their boy, the first born of the clinic. We praise God for allowing us to serve this young couple as well as hundreds of others in different capacity.

The First Born of the Health Clinic

The First Born of the Health Clinic

Yesterday I was with the brothers and sisters of Miamitown Church of Christ. I had a great time. I was blessed in many ways by the worship, the prayers offered on my behalf and on behalf of Living Water. The fellowship meal was great, along with all the fun that I had in the afternoon with brother Terry West, his daughter Nicole and the soon-to-be son in law Jeff. I also praise God for the whole Delafield family brother Dusty and his two wonderful sons (Isiah and Judah) and his wife for making it possible for me to have a fun time at the Cincinnati Zoo.

I praise Him for all the partners that He has given to Living Water. Let us continue to work together to impact Haiti in His name.

In Christ,

Salonique and Team

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