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News For April 18, 2013

Serving the Children at the Cafeteria

Serving the Children at the Cafeteria

In His Service!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of our Great Lord and Savior: JESUS!

Although He had all the reasons in the world to be served, Jesus, said: “The Son of Man has come to serve and not to be served and to give His life as a ransom for many.” So today, those of us who are in His service should feel privilege and honored.

Every day tens and maybe hundreds step outside the arrival area in Haiti’s airport, under the hot sun to go to serve. Some do it for philanthropic reasons, others do it in the name of Jesus. Well, the truth is even those who claim to do it for philanthropic reasons actually learn to do that from God, from the man of Galilee. They work in every area imaginable: agriculture, education, health, nutrition, infrastructure, construction, and the list goes on.

Our Sixth Graders Rewarded

Our Sixth Graders Rewarded

Many who go for the first time hold their hearts in their hands, fearing the worst. But many times, on their return trip, some of them stay behind. They fall in love with the people and the culture. Some even claim they learned a few things from the Haitian people. The primary reason they went was to serve.

Every day at Living Water we have tens of people who serve our own people. We have a number of ladies who work hard and diligently to feed the children and adults at the Living Water cafeteria. This hot meal every day brings lots of smiles and calms the spirits of many parents and school officials. You know, this would not be possible if many in America did not put their dimes and dollars at the service of these people. 

Early last week the results of one of the government’s scholorship tests came back. A huge number of schools performed poorly. But in our district Living Water is one of the top 4 four schools that the government decided to reward. Actually, they said nice things about us and they give each student a backpack.

The Clinic at the Service of Children and Adults

The Clinic at the Service of Children and Adults

To reach this level, we needed a hoard of people: teachers of course, our carpenter Robin for the benches and boards, school staff, cafeteria people, our donors like Faith Christian Community and those who sponsor a child to make this success possible. We are pleased with the results and proud of our teachers and students. We glorify God for that.

 The clinic has been up and running since mid December. The medical equipment arrived a month ago. Doctor Daniel, our nurses Glyne, Phanie, Myrlande, Wilda, our pharmacy worker Mrs. Lavoisier, sister Eliantha, our lab tech Westphanie, and my wife Gine (who works like a slave to keep things going), all have been serving our people daily. We have medical teams who come regularly, like the ones sent by International Assist Medical Missions (IAMM), the ones sent by churches like Countryside in Kirsville, First Christian in Memphis (MO), Northside in Warrensburg to name the most recent teams. While  providing care, they know that they are in His service.  

We thank God for all those who serve all over Haiti. We anticipate the coming of other teams. Our next team of servants will come from Mountain Grove Missouri and they are ready to serve Him in every capacity.  Let us continue to partner together to serve the Haitian people, specially via Living Water. 

In His service,

Salonique Adolphe and team

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