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News For June 5, 2013

Odnel A New Prince in Christ

Odnel A New Prince in Christ


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings to all of you in the name of Our Lord and Savior: Jesus!

First of all, I am sorry for not being able to write as often as I would like. Spending several weeks in the States is wonderful, but coming back I have found that my responsibilities have not diminished by even 1 pound. 

In spite of the frustration that Haiti can generously offer to those who are working here, God has blessed us daily at Living Water, even beyond explanation. When I was in the States I had the privilege of speaking in many places. Some of those places were for the first time. Living Water was blessed by all those places in different ways. Of the new churches, one of the churches that stick to my mind is Church on Fire. Their love for people, their devotion to the Lord, and their generosity are all something to imitate. 

Daily God has blessed us with hard workers for His kingdom whether it is the church workers, school staff, vocational school teachers or construction workers. Every day God has used these people to bless us in moving forward.

Larry and Mary Jane at Living Water for the 10th Anniversary of the School

Larry and Mary Jane at Living Water for the 10th Anniversary of the School

Our missionary teams have been heavily used by God to bless us daily. When Larry and Mary Jane from IDES were with us for the 10th anniversary of the school, Larry not only blessed us with an inspiring message which fueled us to work more toward turning this country to God, but he has also given goats to two families. His ten year-old grandson is raising goats in Indiana, of all the places in the US (How do you raise goats in cold Indiana in the Winter, I don’t know? But that boy does). These families have their blessing in front of them daily. Bro. Larry provided water purifiers to 15 families and has provided funds for each one to buy a bucket so they have access to drinking water daily. Incredible! In every Living Water campus that he and Jane visited they were gracious with their words of encouragements.

American and Haitian Believers Praying to their Father

American and Haitian Believers Praying to their Father

Another group of missionaries who have just left us came from Mountain Grove Missouri. Brother Jeff  and Margery Waara put the trip together. Other team members included the preacher of the church, my good friend Justin DeVries, Dr. David and Debbie Barbe, Mark and Pam Hyde, Tanna Allen and William Gates. These nine added to our daily blessings even before their arrival. They sent money for the first phase of the children’s worship building, saw patients daily, taught our nurses, gardened, buillt shelves, worked in construction in our 95-98 degree weather. I won’t mention the heat index, except they were proud of themselves each day that they’ve survived the heat, taught English in the school, preached in two of our churches, and the list continues. 

I could go on with how God blesses us daily, but I will stop by saying that another blessing is that Habacuc is graduating from college with a degree in music and worship. What a blessing! So we will now have our full time music minister with us. Thanks to all who support Living Water. It was your funds that financed every dime of his education and now he is one of our daily blessings.

Please pray for brother Micah. His wife’s mental health is declining. Micah went to see a doctor with her in Pilate (North Haiti). We hope that she will be better soon.

May God continue to bless you richly for our sake.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe and team


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