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News For February 1, 2014

More than Counting Pills

More than Counting Pills

With the Cross in Mind

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you, my dear friends, in His name!

I was a Freshman in Bible College at CCCB when I read the line “With the Cross in Mind” as a closing to a letter. I liked it from the very first time I read it.

Many things have taken place in the last four weeks at Living Water. We had brother Paul Green with us. He taught a one-session seminar Sunday, January 5th. He worked with Joanes on the sponsorship program and also with Habacuc on worship. We went to Cap-Haitian and then to Marmelade. Why would he have to do that, if he was not motivated by the Cross of Jesus Christ?

From the Van to the Dumptruck and then to Service

From the Van to the Dumptruck and then to Service

While he was still with us a team from Oklahoma arrived. These people were God sent as well. The team included: Cody McDaniel, Debbie Fairless, NP, Dr. and Mrs. Sharp, Ayla, Anthea, Ashley, Arthur and Kateland. 

They brought as much stuff as possible, and everything was top quality. They brought medical supplies, toothpaste, lotion, and many, many other things. They visited all of our campuses. Dr. Sharp preached and taught. Cody led the team and preached on Sunday night. They all went to Marmelade and provided care to 98 people. They brought funds with them. With the funds left we were able to lay block on the East side of the building where we had poured the concrete roof. They did all of that with the Cross of Christ in mind. 

Laying Blocks on the Second Floor of the Transitional Church  Building

Laying Blocks on the Second Floor of the Transitional Church Building

Our team members in the US have done an incredible job to provide us with great materials to continue to work for Christ. Two weeks ago we received a van loaded with goodies, mostly computers and some medical supplies. Our men and women had to unload the supplies from the van to the yellow dump truck. Our people received them with great joy and gratitude. We thank God for IDES. They always make the shipment possible by providing the necessary shipping costs. The team members in the US, like Ray Ivy, Calvin Steinke and the many others do everything with the Cross of Christ in mind. We are really grateful to them.

Tomorrow will mark our 11 anniversary, we will celebrate with the Cross of Christ in mind.

In Him,

Salonique Adolphe and team 

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