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News For April 26, 2014

Men's Choir Praising the Lord on Resurrection Sunday

Men’s Choir Praising the Lord on Resurrection Sunday

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Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in His name!

I finally found the time to write this newsletter. I thank each and every one of you who appreciates receiving a few lines of info from Living Water. I also wholeheartedly thank each and every partner who prays for us. I cannot overemphasize the importance of your prayers for our growth, our victories and our spiritual fitness.  Please do not neglect praying for us.

For several years we talked about starting a men’s choir at Living Water. Well, this year we set ourselves to stop talking about it and move into doing it. We did! After months of adjusting schedules, rehearsals and the like, we finally sang for the first time last Sunday while celebrating Resurrection Sunday. My people had a kick out of it when they saw me singing in the choir. We had a lot of fun praying about Our resurrected Lord.


Marmelade Brethren in Worship during their 5th anniv.

Marmelade Brethren in Worship during their 5th anniv.

celebrated their 5th year on Palm Sunday. They had standing room only with a number of people sitting outside. I thought about Jodie Stoessel on the occasion. On my way there I was thinking back four years ago when my friend Scott Yates and some of his friends went there to celebrate Marmelade’s first anniversary. Last Sunday they had 180 in attendance, but they had way more than that during the celebration of their 5th anniversary.

White Mountain

is going well and the Lord has removed a lot of “walls” who stood in the way of our ministry there. We praise God for those victories. And even though the well does not perform very well, it is still the only source of water for many families. Last Sunday they had 145 people in worship. The most important thing was everybody testified about how Spirit-filled the service was. We rejoice at what God is doing thru those people.

Here we had over 1100 people in service last Sunday. The guys responsible for the counting quoted roughly 1200 people. When we asked the visitors to stand in the audience so that we could acknowledge them, only one stood. It is highly possible that some did not stand, but it was obvious that the people who were there are part of us. 

Saloniique Proclaiming the Word on Resurrection Sunday

Saloniique Proclaiming the Word on Resurrection Sunday

I had the privilege of bringing the message last Sunday. The title was “The biggest lie of our era.” What’s that, you asked? Jesus’ disciples came during the night while we were sleeping, and they stole his body.” (Matt. 28:13, NLT). It would help non-Christians to give a believable lie, but they could not think of one.

Salonique's family

Salonique’s family

I included a photo of my family. It is humbling that the little baby boy that I held in my hand 15 years ago is now taller than me and wears bigger shoes. I have several others running behind him who are plotting to make me the shorty of the family in a few years. What should I do?

My friends, may God bless you! May His blessings shine upon you! May you grow closer to Him and every day.


In Christ,




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