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News For August 28, 2014

Brother Jeremy Broach Rightly Divided the Word of Truth

Brother Jeremy Broach Rightly Divided the Word of Truth

A Summer of Service

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in the name of Our Great God: Jesus!

As I am writing these lines I am with my friends Alan and Terri Burck in Avon, North Carolina. 

It is not news to anyone by now: Summer is over. Schools have resumed, I believe, in all 50 states. It will resume in Haiti in a couple of weeks. 

We had a Summer of service as usual. We served the King of kings by serving His little Ones. One team of visitors followed another. They all changed Living Water in their own unique way. 

Jeana's One of Three Groups of Students

Jeana’s One of Three Groups of Students

First we had the team from Mount Carmel Christian Church. They preached, taught and worked on pouring the roof of the west side of the church. They also laid tiles among other things. 

Then came Lori and her nephew Chase. They worked with the kids in the school and those in my neighborhood. Lori is the sponsor of my boys Tim and Esli. It was the boys privilege to meet with her for the first time and they had a blast, though they played shy most of the time.

Then came Dr. Hobbs and his team. It was all of his family except his oldest son. The team also included some of the workers from Insight EyeCare. Brother Branson Barnhill of Tennessee joined the team and together they helped about 200 people with their sight.

Living Water Kids in Church Camp in the North

Living Water Kids in Church Camp in the North

The last day of June and the first week of July we welcomed a team from Church on Fire Ministries. It was an all-guy team. They held an Evangelism and Worship Summit. They were spreaded throughout our churches the Sunday they were here. Brother Skeeter Long was at White Mountain. Brother Cory Marshall, the youngest of the team, was at Marmelade. Brother Ken Boatright Sr. was in Gonaives. They also provided the most needed electrical inverter to complete the solar energy project that our gracious partners in Alaska started. The team was inspiring to say the least. The team of Alan, Randy and a few others, such as Jim, Mike, Kerry, and Denis, finished the work of establishing a solar energy system at Living Water. What a blessing that is!  Thanks to our giants at Kenai and Cincinnati.

After this team left, it was time to welcome Jeana Clocksin. She is one of the rarest teenagers you will ever meet. Beside her love for God and people, she loves teaching English at Living Water. It is no surprise that her students (both very young ones and not quite so young ones) love her very much. She gives herself to the service of the King. Pray for her. Now she is also helping with the sponsorship program. She has agreed to stay for a year at this time.

A week after Jeana arrived it was Isaac Engel’s turn to join the gallery of those who were serving this Summer at Living Water. He came to do basically one major thing: Train some of our young men how to use the camera. He had a little over half a dozen guys for two weeks. I knew his classes were very appreciated when our guys would skip a game to go to his class. I was jealous at time because looking from a distance they were having too much fun. Isaac preached the word of God while he was with us. He would make a good preacher if he said yes to a full time preaching ministry. 

Remember to Pray for this Project

Remember to Pray for this Project

While Jeana and Isaac continued their service the team from Cornerstone Church in Kirksville arrived. They were restless. They took care of animals (Dr. Karla and Frank), people’s teeth (Dr. Kamra and crew), people’s soul (brother Jeremy and the VBS team), construction work (Bill, Trey, and Liam). They blessed us beyond words. I thank God particularly for those teenage girls who embrace mission work at such an early age. I praise God for their parents who were willing to bring their kids to Haiti, a great country, which many people wrongly associate with danger. Brynli might have been the youngest, but all three girls had a great time.

Besides our visitors, we had revivals. There was a whole month of prayer meetings at Marmelade, camps for our youth in Jacmel, a camp for the children at Limonade. The list of service both on a spiritual and physical level could continue. 

We praise God for all those people who have given their time, their expertise, their energy and money to change Living Water for the better. May God bless you on our behalf. 

Attached are few pictures. We hope they can be a blessing to you.

In Him,

Salonique Adolphe and team

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