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News For June 2, 2016

Dr. Liz and Karen Providing Care to Twin Girls in Gonaives

Putting the Silence to Sleep

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord and Savior: JESUS!

In the French version of Psalms 108:2, the Psalmist says: “Wake up my lyre and my harp, I will wake up the dawn.” I think it is a cool thought to wake the dawn with praises to God, for He is GOOD! A day like that can only be good.

Well, I have been silent for a long time since my week at the Kiamichi Men’s Clinic, my return to Haiti, welcoming two mission teams back-to-back and with the celebration of the thirteenth anniversary of the school all sandwiched together. I was silent. If David could awake dawn with praise, I shall put silence to sleep with the following report about Living Water.

First, thanks to everyone who gave me a warm welcome everywhere I went in most recent trip to the USA: John and Jean Mitchell, the team of On His Path, Jessica and Brian Sevits, Doug and Kristy Delp, Chad and Mary Summa, Jim, Kim and Noah Kilson, John and Bonnie Furniss, Mom Jan Green, Ken and Pat Croll, Ken and Pati Boatright, Chris and Witney Gobin, Gary and Judy Hinkle, Paul and Olabelle Parrish, Dr. Thomas and Diane Sharp, Cody and Melissa McDaniels, Curtis and Debbie McDaniels, Mark and Jeanette Layman and many other people. I cannot begin to tell each and every of you how much you mean to me, my family and Living Water. Because of you, the gospel is progressing in Haiti.

While I was apparently silent, God was doing loud things through many people here at Living Water. White Water Crossing has been making more and more efforts to foster growth at Living Water by helping people. Their most recent action was to send a team of valuable, Spirit-filled and loving people: doctors, nurses and other helpers to provide care in Gonaives and at Hightland where we will soon plant another Church. I was blessed and encouraged by them and they were here at the right time for reasons that I cannot explain now. They were excellent tools in Gods hands to serve hundreds of people in both places. Thanks Dr. Kurt, Dr. Liz, Dr. Ed, Raphael, Dave and Karen, Ron and Kim, and Brandi.

When they left we had one of the most beautiful thanksgiving ceremonies to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the school. The best thing about it was: It was all planned and carried out by our students. I am sure you can guess how proud I was of them. Praise and honor and glory unto Our God for all the things that He has done for us, our city and our country in those thirteen years. We will never know them all, at least on this side of heaven.

Right after that we welcomed another team from Alaska. It was a clash of temperature between the two places Alaska and Haiti. The cold met the heat and those seven brothers and sisters kept melting. They survived. They should have arrived late last night in Alaska. I was blessed by the fellowship I enjoyed with brother Al Weeks and family and Jason Floyd and family. Brother Al and his family was a missionary in Belgium for 9 years, so we had a lot of things to talk about. The team did some painting, hanging doors in the Sunday School classrooms and remaining doors at the office, brothers Al and Jason preached and visited Marmelade. One of the things Jason did was taking aerial photos of every presently operating site/campus of Living Water using a drone. Everywhere he does that he has drawn a crowd. While the heat was not friendly to their fair skin, they kept a good attitude through it all. Thanks to Liam and Lindsey, Rebecca and Caleb, Michelle, Jason and pastor Al. May God bless you all. Next week we will welcome a team from Connection Christian Church (Saint-Louis, MO). Pray for them as they are making the last prep.

Hope you can decipher the photos. If you need more explanation, please email me about that.

We thank God for rain. Yesterday, I even harvested some veggies at the farm. We planted okra yesterday. We need to plant watermelon, but cannot find seeds to buy. We need to put some peanuts in the ground but they are so expensive at the present. Pray the rain will continue.

Blessings to all of you,
In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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