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News For January 26, 2017

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A New Year: Opportunities and Challenges

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is not too late to wish you all a Happy New year 2017. It has been a month since I wrote my last newsletter. Many things have happened since. First Our son Samuel got married on January 7th. He and his wife live in the south side of the city. We are proud of him and his wife.

We have had about seven baptisms that I am aware of, and other people are talking about giving their lives to Jesus. Brother Charles Destin, a current student and one who graduated last year are among the seven that I know who made such a wonderful decision. Last Sunday night brother Destin gave his testimony about how God took him from the deep trenches of Voodoo to make him now a son of the Most High God. We were all blessed by his testimony.

We also had over thirty teenagers move to junior Church to join the adult Church. This actually took place on December 25, in a solemn and moving ceremony. We have three people who are in charge of ministering to these young souls, to disciple them so they remain attached to Jesus till they become more mature in Christ.

Living Water continues to serve Highland community in many ways. My friend Desilien Pierre, who has been living in France, came to spend a few weeks in Haiti. He sent a bunch of clothes that he collected from different people and institutions. We made a clothing distribution there. That was a week after we made our second rice and beans distribution in the community. Those distributions are very appreciated by the people of Highland. We are grateful for the generosity of Connection Christian Church who made it possible for us to bless those people. Our Oklahoma team has served the people there for two days and have seen almost 400 people there. They have been shown so much gratitude toward Living Water that they are rapidly embracing the goodness of our Jesus.

The last six months there have been many changes at Living Water. In reality those changes started over a year ago, but gained full speed in the last six months. Many people have left Living Water/Haiti for foreign countries, especially South American countries. But a lot of new people have joined the church. One of the biggest problems we now have, and we have to do something quick about it, is classrooms for Sunday School. We have even made parallel (double) used of our classrooms. We have used the waiting rooms of the health clinic. Every space imaginable we have used, yet the problem persists. We need to have more classrooms for learning/discipleship to take place.

We moved the Bible College to the church facility on January 4th. We continue to adjust in the new environment. What a blessing it is to have those classrooms available for different teaching opportunities during the week.

We need your prayers for spiritual depth in the people of our congregation. It is one thing to grow numerically, it is another thing to grow spiritually. We have seen signs of both types of growth, however we would appreciate much more spiritual depth in our people.

We need your prayers for the new leaders we are going to appoint as elders and deacons in the next two Sundays. We desperately need good leaders to shepherd the flock of Jesus Christ. Pray for our candidates and their families.

We need prayers for the Radio Station. Tonight the guy responsible for helping us put the radio station on the air says this will happen in the next six weeks. Please pray that this becomes a reality.

The opportunities to serve are many. The challenges are also many. Please pray for us as we continue to impact this culture for Jesus Christ.

Yours in Him,
Salonique Adolphe and team

One thought on “News For January 26, 2017

  1. Matt Coley

    Hi Salonique,

    It is great to hear that things are going well. As always, it is very impressive to hear what all you all have accomplished. Hopefully I will be able to assist more in the future.

    GOD bless,
    Matt Coley

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