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News For April 29, 2017

A Few of the Influencers of the Church

Thank You!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in the name of Our Lord and Savior: JESUS!!!

Who said we have to wait for the month of November to have a heart full of gratitude or that we would celebrate on one day called Thanksgiving day? I hope the answer is none. In fact, it is just the opposite. We should instead give thanks every day of our lives. As the month of April comes to a close, I want to pause to thank God and you!

I have already been with a few brothers and sisters in Wellston, OK and Neshoba, OK. I have had some of the best welcomes ever by these brothers and sisters. They were both receptive and generous. I thank Pastor Lane Buckley and brother Ashley Butler for all the work they are doing in both congregations. The understanding of those people of the Great Commission is heart warming. They have a few things to teach some of us. They support missions financially as well as go themselves.

I am writing from Smithville, OK from the home of my friends Cody and Melissa McDaniel. Great people! Great family! Since I arrived almost two weeks ago, I have had the privilege and the blessing of being in other homes, such as the homes of my friends Dr. Tom and Diane Sharp, Ashley and Robin Butler and Curtis and Debbie McDaniel. All these folks have given me their best and beyond.

They all fed me very well and took me places. With Dr. Sharp we watched an excellent movie, “The Case for Christ”. Brother Curtis McDaniel took me fishing. With Cody McDaniel we watched ball games and auctions. The list goes on. I thank all those people.

I also thank everyone who has welcomed me in their home from Mike and Dorothy Hardee way back on Thanksgiving day of November 1997 to Cody and Melissa McDaniel today. My friends, I am talking literally of hundreds of beds and homes in about thirty States. In a good number of those homes I know where the key to the house is, and where my room will more likely be. Thanks to all of you for hosting, not just my family and me, but any emissary of Living Water Christian Mission.

I want to thank every donor who has made Living Water what it is today. The number is mind boggling. It took all of us to make Living Water what she is today. Of course, many of those people have gone to their eternal home either years ago or a month or so ago. Some of you give big. Big because you give in spite of your own needs. Big because you ignore those who say “I am not going to give money to do work in a country that is not even my own.” You did not listen to those voices. You did not sow sparingly, but you sowed abundantly.

I thank God for all of you churches, individuals, families, Sunday School classes, church camps, organizations like IDES and IAMM, firms and companies to name a few. You have been with us in educating many young minds. Today many of those people are marching valiantly toward greater and greater success. They are in an irreversible march toward greatness, not just in the eyes of men, but also in the eyes of God. You have been with us in building facilities to do ministry. You have been with us in acquiring farm land, and other land to serve a people who needs it big time. Thank you! Thank you, and thank you again. If you do us the favor of coming to see us, the Lord will warm your hearts. I know some of you don’t need that. Please come anyway if it is at all possible for you.

I thank everyone who has visited Living Water, whether for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. Many of you have worked in construction, teaching, preaching, electrical wiring, plumbing, health-care, energy supplying (Solar), carpentering, etc. You literally build Living Water up, either by erecting a building or by building people. Thanks so much! Yes, again some of those builders are already in heaven, but for those of us who are still here our work continues.

I appreciate those teams who make visiting Living Water their yearly affair. We have several OH friends in this category. We have the folks here in Smithville, OK, our friends of IAMM. I also cherish the sacrifice our friends from Alaska have made to come to serve Living Water on multiple occasions, even in the Summer time. It is incredible what team members will agree to go through when their minds are set on doing something. My heartfelt gratitude to all of you. Yet, I have to say that some of you need to do better. You have supported us generously, but have yet to come to see us during all those years. Make my joy complete, please, by coming to see us.

Thanks for your prayers and your genuine concerns for our well-being. Thanks for your encouraging words. Thanks for your patience with us when we are on HST (Haitian Standard Time) in doing something. Really, we are not looking for excuses, but we have to admit that working in the USA is totally different than working in Haiti. Working in Haiti can be very frustrating, however the result makes it worth it.

Please continue to pray for us, for Haiti and for president Jovenel Moïse who has very good intentions of helping the people and the country.

I have included a number of photos of different aspects of the ministry. Please enjoy and if you need some additional explanation please don’t hesitate to ask us.

May God shower His blessings on you all. Again thank you!!!

In Him,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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