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News For March 30, 2018

Brother James Proclaiming Jesus's Word During the 15th Anniversary

Our Amazing God!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Once again I am sorry for the many weeks that have gone by without receiving an update from Living Water. I thank each and every one of you who have called, written, and checked by other means in order to know if I am doing well. The answer is yes, I am doing well. My family is doing well. Gine is still bearing the pain in her knees which has grown increasingly worse. We beg for your prayers.

This week is a reminder that we serve an amazing God. His love for us is amazing. His power, to say the least, is also amazing. It was this indescribable love tha led Him willfully to choose the cross. By His amazing power, shortly after His death, He physically arose from the dead the first day of the week. Amazing!

Our amazing God has not ceased doing amazing things through history. They are too many to know and too many to count. He has done amazing things through Living Water Christian Mission in the last few years. Last month we celebrated our fifteenth anniversary. Brother James Hansee and his wife Dianna honored us by their presence and brother James preached a God-sent message on the occasion. We also had our beloved sister Bonnie Furniss with us this year and also Jeff and Valerie Heberlein. Looking back, it is only an amazing God who could have done the things that have been done during those years.

We have planted four churches with a combined attendance of about two thousands people. There are also hundreds who have gone to other horizons during those years and the few that God has called home. Many others who have gone other places have been very useful to the Kingdom where they are now.

We have started four schools, three traditional and one adult high school. All together we have about 1300 students, not counting those who have graduated and have been useful to communities around the world. Some are even back to work at Living Water in different capacities.

Our vocational school has trained hundreds of young people in different areas to serve all over.

Our amazing God has planted a Bible College at Living Water. We are putting quality preachers in the fields and they are doing a great job for God.

The health clinic has been a lifesaver for thousands of people from all over the country. Many different medical services are offered by the frequent visits of our American brothers and sisters who are in different areas of the medical fields.

Last year God put our FM radio station on the air. It is literally a blessing for over a million people.

And, our amazing God is seriously working toward establishing an orphanage among us.

Our amazing God has amazed several hundred workers who are serving daily at Living Water. He has amazed our dynamic, God-fearing leaders who He Himself has trained and placed among us. He has educated a number of people in levels they might not have dreamt of if it were not for their amazing God. He has used a big numbers of people to provide great facilities to serve daily thousands of people. Our God is just amazing. And, He has not ceased given us amazing vision for the future. He has started His work, He will continue it to the end with His amazing power.

But there is one thing that God has not done for any of His children, and certainly we are not an exception. In spite of His amazing power, He has not spared us from challenges, trials, setbacks, even failures. So in the last two months we have had our share of bitter cups that Our amazing and loving God has chosen not to take away from us.

We have been used and abused by people, both those who claim to be in the Faith and those who are not. We had to do our best, though with much pain, to try to represent Him well. We have had terrible personality conflicts and conflict of interests among us.

It has been a huge disappointment, when in spite of all of our drillings, we only found water in one well. We pray with the help of brother Ray K and others we can use the one well to do drip irrigation and still find success with our farm project.

We have faced challenges to pay salaries. Since Our God has never disappointed us, He spared us from total shame in February by using the generosity of His people. This specific couple He used had no clue about our situation. Amazing!

We are facing a terrible division at Highland between two prominent helpers at Highland who are not Christians yet. This division works well in favor of the enemy. I am asking you to pray for reconciliation between these specific two people.

I confess that the snail-like progress in the land issue at White Mountain is frustrating. I am happy to report that two of these people have been in jail for about a month now. The government’s unreasonable and costly demands on us have been a huge frustration for me, I confess. It is even discouraging at times. Misunderstandings. Misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is heavy in my world.

Besides all of those problems our friend Gyna Jean, wife of my best friend Melio and Gine’s (my wife) best friend, has cancer at a stage that only a miraculous intervention of God will see us through. So please think through this list and pray and act accordingly in the favor of God’s Work here in Haiti through Living Water.

Our amazing God has amazing solutions to whatever problems we might face. We just need to count on Him. We just need to wait for His intervention.

I have included a few photos that I hope you can enjoy. I think they are self-explaining.

One thing that I don’t want you to miss is that God’s Church is growing and the number of God’s servants/workers is increasing among us. I am excited and praise Him for that. Would you believe that the church at Highland has had consistently about 130 people in worship throughout the month of March? Since the beginning of the year they have not had below 100 in Sunday worship. Every weekend they have had someone being baptized into Christ. My friends, we went through a lot to launch the school and the church there, but boy it’s worth it. Rejoice because of what our Amazing God has been doing here.

May God bless you and yours!

Happy Resurrection Sunday this coming Sunday.

Your brother and His son,
Salonique Adolphe and teammates

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