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News For July 14, 2018

A Child Hope International Bringing Hope and Graduating Seniors Happily Serving

Yes, We Can Still Celebrate


Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you all in His name!

Yes. Haiti is back in the news again. Same old thing. No news is good news. Consequently when there is news, it is bad news. The reason being is that good news doesn’t sell. The media never talks about the progress made in road infrastructure in many parts of the country. The media never says anything about the visible effort this president is making to change things for the best. No! No! No!

However the reports from the media is not my problem. The media needs to cover these events, good or bad, and that is what they are trained to do. My problem is that there are many so called Haitians, some of them claim to be Christians, who see nothing wrong with people destroying the hard earnings of businesses and properties of others. They celebrate that. They cannot even hide their evil hearts via their comments in the social media.

They are happy that the poor decision of the government to raise gas prices gave them an opportunity that they have been looking for to cause a riot in the land with the hope they can capitulate a democratically elected (twice) president. Oh it saddens me that people are destroying their country, my country, looking for selfish gain. Hopefully they will not get it and God will continue to show HIS loving and merciful hands over Haiti. No matter how much these things ache me, I cannot do much, but My God is in control and He can do everything.

What happened last weekend took me by surprise and added to other things which hit me hard in trying to suppress my joy. You know, Living Water has lots of challenges. I mean lots of them. When I face those days, I always try to remember a text that my late friend and dear sister Regina Green brought to my attention ten years ago. That is Isaiah 43. Really, whether in deep water or in the fire, my wonderful God is with me. So I can celebrate.

I celebrate the victory that my friends Bill Wagner, James Hansee and their congregation (Whitewater Crossing Christian Church), together with the organization “A Child Hope International”, fosters for the Higland Community in the effort to have a feeding program started there. Last November, when brother Bill and brother Larry Bergeron got the ball rolling, we thought all would be in line to start the program either in February or in March. But things did not go as planned.

However last month, with the help of Lifeline and his representative, Mr. Bozor, we had the food delivered to the Living Water Christian School Campus in Gonaives. It is not just food. There were also shoes, water purifier products and reading material where the Good News is shared. Last Tuesday all the supplies were transferred from Gonaives to Highland. They are there to help us start the feeding program in September.

We are still in need of funds for fuel, kitchen supplies and salaries for employees among other things. So join us in celebrating this good news where Highland kids will be able to eat a balanced meal, maybe for the first time in their lives, while they are learning reading and math among other subjects. Most importantly they are learning how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

While attendance is lower this Summer — it does happen every year at this time, but we just don’t like it — we do have other reasons to celebrate. More people are coming into the Kingdom of God every week at Living Water. This past week eight people gave their lives to Jesus in baptism. There were six ladies and two men who became members of the Kingdom of God, thus princes and princesses. We rejoice greatly. One of them has gone through Living Water from grade school and graduated. We thought we lost her, but she came back a few months ago and decided to make her life count for Jesus. You see not all of them will sprout and grow at the same time, so we keep sowing seeds non-stop.

Our Kindergarten is a lot of joy. They had a day of celebration for the kids leaving preschool to head to first grade. I was not able to attend, because I had to be out of town, but parents, teachers and friends had a wonderful time with them.

Please celebrate with us the fact that the land for the orphanage is practically paid off. We just need to do the payment for the title: land buyer’s tax and the likes. We praise God for that and we thank all of you generous people who have been mightily used by God to bring this project closer to fruition.

Please celebrate with us the fact that we were able to feed about 400 prisoners and Dr. Dan and his team provided medical care to 150 of them on the occasion. This activity touched the heart of a lot of prisoners. Some of them testifed that was their best meal of the year along with medical care. We also brought them a toiletry kit. Jesus wants us to take care of the orphans, widows and visit those in prison. Let us try to live the whole gospel of Jesus without leaving anything out.

  • Please continue to pray for the leadership of Living Water. Some great things are happening, but the enemy is working hard as well.
  • Please pray for our financial challenges. They are high. Please, please pray that God continues to provide in mighty ways.
  • Please pray for wisdom for our leadership, especially for me. I need a lot of it these days.
  • Please pray for our different projects: The farm, the orphanage, the University, Fred Green Elementary and High School at White Mountain
  • Please pray for my family, especially my wife’s knee.

Now, please praise the Lord with me for the healing of our friend Gyna Jean. The one whom Doctor had given a few months to live is now free of cancer. He chose to answer our prayers the way we asked Him. Glory be to His name forever and ever.

My friends, thanks to all of you for making it possible for us to impact positively Haiti for Christ. May God bless you and yours for our sake.

In Him,
Salonique Adolphe and Team

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