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News For January 19, 2019

Ruschama J. Fevrier Doing Bible Reading at a Church Service at Living Water

Mighty God, Mighty Works!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Our great God and Savior: Jesus!

Writing to you has always been a privilege. When I have not done it in a while it is very heavy on my heart. I know that many of you look forward to reading what is going on in order to know what to celebrate; what to praise God for; what to pray for. Through them you know how Living Water and my family is doing. Please know that I will never choose not to send you an update. It is usually the challenges, the urgences of daily life and of ministry which prevent me from writing more often.

The year 2018 was a challenging one. However, every one of our challenges met their match: Our God! Yes, Satan worked very hard to rock the progress of the church by bringing misunderstandings, false perception within our leadership, condensending attitudes, lack of forgiveness. A few decided to join miracle workers, as if the prophet (true or false) or the so called apostles they went to follow are real miracle workers. All of those issues were not bigger than Our Mighty God. I will always choose to follow My mighty God because He only does mighty things and His mighty works leave the enemy speechless all the time. Yes, Our God never loses a battle and that has to be very frustrating to the enemy. In 2019 we still choose to be a church grounded on the Word of God, a church who prays and a church who is striving for holiness.

Our mighty God has done simply mighty works among us. Again, I am humbled by His works and they surely help me to brush aside those who are doing their best to belittle me. Who cares if some think that I am a nobody? After all, if I were not serving the All mighty God, I would certainly be a nobody. Besides, while they are doing their business, My mighty God is busy using His people to do things that have left me very humble. I still cannot believe that within a year the Lord has provided the funds to buy the land for the orphanage, and has provided additional funds to build the wall around it. We already have some funds which will help us start building a home for the soon to be welcomed orphans. I had very, very little to do with that. He has used brother Dan Barrick, a brother that I only met and came to know in the last few years and CTF. He has used my brother Cody McDaniel and a hoard of other people to bring this project to fruition. Brothers and sisters, Our mighty God does only mighty things, just trust HIM. He is worthy of Our trust no matter what our circumstances are.

Another dear effort, close to our hearts, that started in 2018 is the planting of the church at Marotte. This project has had major challenges. The enemy has been working hard in the spirit world to prevent this project from being launched. And most recently, the enemy has used different people, some are supposed to be brothers in The Faith to bring discouragement to us. But I can safely say that these efforts seem to embolden us even more knowing that Our mighty God will not leave it to them to decide the end of this project. Our God has entrusted us to the Great Commission and we are committed to carry it out no matter what. This explains the efforts which have been made in the last few months to build the wall and the storage room so that we can break ground on the church building pretty soon. Our mighty God (I will repeat) always wins. He only knows how to do mighty things, He has done nothing less than that.

I thank my God for all the wonders He has done among us. He deserves our praise. I thank Him for sending us teammates to carry out His plans. Some are in the US, the likes of the Crocketts, the Beauchamps, the DeGraff, the Porters, the Hansees, the Lincolns that He sent us in the second half of last year, the thousands who pray for us. I thank God for those He has put here to foster progress in the churches, in the schools, the radio station, Highland, at the health clinic among others to the big disappointment of the enemies. We feel so happy to serve The God who knows everything.

We are excited about the mighty things that He is about to do in 2019. He will give us a great harvest of souls. We are confident that by this time next year the orphanage and the church at Marotte will be up and running. I am confident that the project of establishing a Christian University at Living Water will know considerable progress. I know that our mighty God will do other mighty things that our human mind can not forsee. Please let us team up together to bring more into His kindgom for His glory.

I know you are wondering about the knees of my wonderful wife Gine. She is doing much better. Yet when she works those knees too much she feels it. I thank all the McDaniels and my friends Roy and Lori Miller for making it possible for us to have this work done on her. May God bless you all. I am still begging you to pray for the intervention of the Mighty God on her for a 100% success.

Happy New year to you all.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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  1. David L Miller

    Salonique, I congratulate you for leading this wonderful ministry. I am Roy Miller’s father and get frequent updates. We pray for continued progress. So glad to hear of Gine recovery. I look forward to seeing you in Missouri at Forum Church again. God Bless

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