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News For February 17, 2019

Phil and Theresa Before Boarding the Plane in Gonaives

Prayer and Praise

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in His name!

First, we want to thank all of you with all of our hearts for your heartfelt prayers and your concerns for those of us who are visiting, and who live in, Haiti. Thanks so much to all of you who have dropped me a message inquiring about us and informing us that you are in prayers for us. Frankly speaking without your prayers we would have it worse than it has been.

On July 6 and 7 the culprit was a rise in gas prices. Thousands of protesters took the streets destroying businesses and killing people while asking the president to resign. It did not work. So October, November and December they repeated the scenarios. But they did not get what they wanted, which is the departure of our current president, who was elected president for 5 years.

Early last week news broke out that they are going to take to the streets on the 7th of Feb, but my city (Gonaives) would already be on their feet on the 6th. I had a group from Stillwater, OK, who were supposed to leave on the 8th. They took our advice and left on the 6th. It was the best decision, because there would not be much chance for them to leave on the 8th.

Meanwhile my friends Phil and Theresa were already in the country in Port-de-Paix with Sunlight Academy. Knowing what was planned for the day, John (Port-de-Paix) and I concluded that we need to get them here (Gonaives) the soonest possible. And it worked as they made it to my house at 4 AM.

They have been here, but there is not much we could do as we were locked down. I took the chance of going to the church, which is a few blocks from my home. We had a hard time to get back, but we boldly and nervously made it back home. That was the certain lock down. We were able to do a little visiting last Thursday afternoon/evening. During that time, I was wondering what am I going to do to be at the airport Saturday morning (Today) when Saint-Marc is completely blocked to the point that they do not allow even an ambulance to go through. People are dying in hospitals needing blood transfusion and oxygen. They don’t care, and several lost their lives in hospitals as a result.

Well, my friends your prayers worked. God sent a small plane to Gonaives for our sake. My friend Actionel’s missionary and mine were able to leave Gonaives yesterday at 9 am aboard the five-seater plane. Since then other people wanted to have the service, but the company seems to fear the threat of some.

As I am writing, Phil and Theresa are in the air heading to Dallas. They won’t make it to MO tonight, but they will be home tomorrow.

I choose not to share the images that are in the streets. They are violent. Horrible. Shameful. Distressing. Depressing.

Many have already died. I cannot tell the real numbers because there are people who inflate the numbers for press effect. Of course there are also those who are very conservative in the amount of people killed as well. It is politics with people’s lives, people’s well-being, people’s hard-earned goods.

I won’t share my opinion of the whole thing, because I have Living Water and my family to protect. Just pray for Haiti. Pray for the will of God to be done. Pray that at the end Haiti prevails, Haiti wins.

It is a very tough time for all of us Americans and Haitians alike working in Haiti. I still have Bonnie Furniss here. She is safe. She will eat what we eat, but please pray that the Lord intervenes as soon as possible. Lots of people are locked in at home without water, food or any basic goods. Pray especially for the poor folks in Port-au-Prince. I cannot image them being locked in for 9 days (today was a bit better for them). Supplies are running out. It is a difficult situation to explain. So pray.

  • Pray for school to resume after losing almost two weeks.
  • Pray that people could return to their daily activities.
  • Pray that our leaders might be influenced by the Spirit of God instead.
  • Praise God for all those who have made it out successfully.
  • Praise God for His protection.
  • Praise God His provision.

Praise God for the newly baptized believers. There were 11, but the photographer did not catch them all. My son Esli was baptized among them as well, but he is not in the picture along with two others.

Thanks so much for your prayers and your partnership.

In Him,
Salonique Adolphe and team

5 thoughts on “News For February 17, 2019

  1. Lloyd and Irene Pelfrey

    We are and have been praying for you and for Haiti and our other friends there. May God protect you and bring an end to this horrible situation.

  2. Gerald Browning

    The wellbeing of our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti was a topic for consideration and prayers in our Bible Fellowship class yesterday at Timber Lake Christian. May God effectively work through His people and His ministries to help bring peace to Haiti and point many to the Savior even in troubled times!

  3. Roger and Denice Tanner

    We are very much uninformed in the U.S. about the dire situation going on in Haiti…what a tragedy. We thank you Salonique and the leaders in Gonaives for staying the course through such hardship that we can not imagine. May God bring a swift and effective ending to this war torn country’s strife. May he bring peace and a sense of normalcy so that the work might continue and bring glory to Jesus…..You are all in our prayers…

  4. Connie Morello

    Praying for all of you there in Haiti and my high school friend, Bonnie Furniss. It is with heavy hearts that we think of what you are experiencing and that you will all be safe from harms way.
    Connie M./Georgia

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