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News For April 29, 2019

Children's Church at Highland

You Have Made it All Possible!

Dear brothers and sisters,

I pray that all of you had a wonderful Lord’s Day worshiping HIM in Spirit and in truth.

I thank God for this nice Spring morning here in Smithville, OK. I am presently at the home of my wonderful friends Cody and Melissa McDaniel. I arrived here on Friday night and they made it possible for me to have a lazy day here, which I enjoyed every second of. Thanks to you both of you for making it possible for me to rest a little.

I am writing to praise God because of all of you who support Living Water. Someone said, “We are God’s hands and feet.” You have done a good job of that. Thank you!

Living Water has been a blessing, literally, to thousands of people on a daily basis, whether through our preschools, elementry, high schools, bible college, vocational school, health clinic, churches, or our radio station among other avenues. It would be quite impossible to do these things without thoughtful and generous people like you.

Consequently, all the different aspects of the ministry have grown in a very visible way. For example, after 15 months of ministering at Highland, we have seen the need to start having children’s church there so they can learn on their level, and get them involved in an environment where they feel more comfortable.

The people involved in this aspect of the ministry are mostly from our church in Gonaives, people who have been involved with the children’s ministry there. They have been for the most part people who have been at Living Water since they were children and who also have been part of our school. They are ready today for service in the Lord’s Kingdom because you have been generous enough to keep our ministry going and growing over the last 17 years.

Resurrection Sunday was a blast. We had a sanctuary completely full of people, not one empty corner in the building, not even in the highest balcony. The two classrooms connected to the sanctuary were full and people were outside. We had a Spirit-filled worship service where everybody involved served with passion and with a heart for God. It was also revealing because we usually had lots of visitors on Resurrection Sunday. This year we did not even spot a dozen. It is rather obvious that we are fast approaching the time when we have to make some decisions. Thankfully we are in Haiti. If we were in America we would be forced to make a decision a long time ago. They had a house full also yesterday.

During the last two weeks, before and during passion week, our churches were full of different activities. We had leadership training in Marmelade and Highland. We had bible reading and fasting in the morning. There was a wonderful week of revival in Gonaives and White mountain and we had conferences on biblical topics. All our ministers were involved in several of our churches. Luke was mostly at White Mountain and Gonaives, Fevrier was in Marmelade, White Mountain and Gonaives, etc. Our people have been blessed through those special services. They have grown stronger roots in the faith as a result and have glorified the Lord on those occasions. — Oh we had a very special interview on the resurrection on Sunday night, with Luke being the host. We have been doing this for about 5 years now. This year has been special in many ways. Thank you for equipping us to do these things.

Also during the past two weeks we were heavily involved in the distribution of hunger relief packages that we made as a result of caring leadership people like brothers Miles Kappes and Ed Lewis. It was also a result of the generosity of another caring leader: Sandy Brewer of IAMM and many other generous brothers and sisters who support Living Water. Yes, we have been able to serve as many as 600 families. True a drop in the bucket, but a very important and vital drop nevertheless. Those people were very pleased and some did not, and could not hide their joy. The other thousands we could have served wish they were in the list as well. Thanks to all of you who have made this possible.

We have made great progress on the project of the orphanage. Footers are dug. A well has been dug on the property so we don’t have to buy water during the construction. This week they had a full week working on the project. I thank God and I am grateful to all of you who have made this possible. Brother Barrick, GCF, brother McDaniel and so many others thank you.

There is another blessing for about 20 people at Living Water, not just in Gonaives. It is the result of the generosity of a young widow in one of our supporting churches. She lost her young husband to cancer, but she wanted to be a blessing to other widows. She has generously given us some funds to help those widows with their most pressing needs. For some it is paying the school tuition for their children. For others it is having a small business. For others it is helping them buy a small lot of land in an area where it is cheap so they can build a room or two for themselves and their children. Still for others it is helping them deal with their medical bills. Those widows see this as God’s gift and they are praying blessing on that sister who has understood their plight and has decided to alleviate their pain. Thanks my sister because you have made all this possible.

I want to thank every supporter, whether you gave one time or regularly. You have made it possible for Living Water to eternally impact Haiti for Christ. Thanks for helping us to feed school children (A Child Hope international, Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, IDES, Lifeline, Connection Christian Church, etc.). I want to thank all of you who sponsor a child. I thank God for the leadership of James Hansee, Paula Beauchamp, Sarah Harper, Bill Wagner, Joe Porter, the Crocketts and the Sevits, and other important names that I didn’t list here.

This year we agreed to pay the teachers for twelve months, so we won’t have the traditional Summer break we used to have in paying teachers. Let me tell you, you have blessed thousands of people by making sure they get their salaries on time, by providing education and food to so many. I am eternally grateful to you.

Because you have done your part people are turning to the Lord. Children are being educated. People are receiving good health care among other things. So thank you. Let us continue to work together to impact Haiti and the Kingdom of God for HIM.

In HIm,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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