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News For July 17, 2019

Salonique Reading the Word Before Preaching

Living Water Report: A Bird’s-Eye View

Greetings to you in name of Our Lord and Savior: Jesus!

Today is a rainy day here in Uganda, Africa. Less than two months ago I did not know that I was going to be here. But the Lord certainly knew. He opened the door. He provided for the trip. I am here learning, preaching, teaching, baptizing, refueling and recharging. I thank God for Global Witness, Panther Creek Christian Church (where brother Cody McDaniel is ministering), Living Water, the students of our Bible College and my family for making this trip possible and may God bless you all.

Waking up this morning, Hebrews 12:1 came to mind, “…we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses…”. From there a number of people who are part of my “cloud of witnesses” flooded my brain. I miss them all. Really I wish I could have another occasion with them. I would love to have the chance to share a bowl of sliced pineapples with Regina Green. I would even take the risk to have a milk shake with dad Green, just to make the time fun. I would love to discuss griot (fried pork) with Odette Jerome (my preacher’s first wife); talk classic cars with John Meyer; listen to the fatherly advice of Dieufort Corvil; advise aunt Victoire not to drink coffee while knowing full well she is going to drink another cup; or play cards with my father-in-law while talking politics or a get another hug from Lorna Sorrell, then talk about my brother Gardner behind his back. At the same time, I hear them like a choir saying in unison, “Move on Sal. Move on.” So Let’s move on.

I have a lot of things to report and a lot of things to thank God and you for. I have not been able to write for over six weeks due to lots of hurdles of various natures. Lots of storms, but we are not sinking, because Jesus is with us.

First thing that I want to report is that my wife Gine has had the second procedure done on her knees and also her right shoulder. This procedure and other expenses linked to it cost us between nine to ten thousand dollars in debt. We thank all of our friends who have given their help so that we could have less difficulties and less debts as well: Dr. Thomas and Diane Sharp, Cody and Melissa McDaniel, Curtis and Debbie McDaniel, Mark and Janet Layman, James and Lou Hebron, Brian and Jessica Sevits, Dr. Randy and Rose Anne Moore and Dr. J. We whole heartedly thank Roy and Lori Miller for making the first procedure possible. With these two procedures Gine is feeling a lot better. So Thank you all.

The academic year 2018-2019 has come to an end. Though we are still waiting of the results for 9th and 13th grade. We hope we will have a great success again this year.

I want to thank all of you who have helped us to complete this year successfully. It has taken hundreds of you to make this possible. Every person who sponsors a student, please, please accept our humble gratitude. I thank those of you who have worked day and night so the sixteen hundred plus kids could go to school. You have done an amazing work. Thanks to Paula Beauchamp and her crew, Sarah Harper, James and Diana Hensee, Bill and Jennifer Wagner, A Child Hope International (ACHI) of brother Lawrence Bergeron for providing food for the kids of the school; John and Helen Meyer of Highland. Thanks to IDES for helping us provide food for Gonaives and Marmelade for one month. Thanks again to all our donors. We made giant progress at Marmelade by adding the seventh grade. More than 30 girls have gone beyond sixth grade because of it. We will have 8th grade this coming school year. So then we will have preschool to 8th.

The wall of the orphanage is complete. The gates should be in place this week. Jude is breaking ground on the building this week. He would have already broken ground if he had not sent his crew to different places for different work. One of the reasons I am here in Uganda is to learn about the operation of the orphanage here and see how we should do ours.

Thank God, we resumed work at White Mountain last week. Since we learned our lesson, the priority now is to build the wall. Then we will resume working on Fred Joseph Green Elementary and High School building. We continue to request your prayers so we don’t stop work again there. We pray that God will provide the funds needed and the tranquility necessary to complete this part of the task.

All of our churches are doing very well. More and more people are turning to the Lord at Highland and are engaging in the work of the Lord there. However, the Old Devil has not quit in trying making things very difficult. We have a couple of people at Highland who are being used skillfully by the enemy in many ways. Please pray that those guys can repent and grow up. Jean Gilles is doing his best there with many other wonderful people. Marmelade is doing well. More and more people are engaging in the ministry there. People are getting more and more mature in the Lord there. White Mountain Church is also going well, though Caceus is shorthanded because one of the workers has made other choice But this also opens doors for many people to step in and help the ministry moving forward. Gonaives Church is doing quite well. In fact, for the first time in our history, they are having a 30 days revival every night. They started on July 7th. It is being broadcast on our radio station. If you download our app “Radio Eau de Vie” you can listen to it every night from 6 to 9 PM Eastern Time.

The radio station is doing very well. The guys are making good changes to help us to serve God’s people better and better. Please pray for a daily harvest for the Kingdom through the radio station.

The Vocational School (CEPROTEC) is doing a great work by training our youth to learning a trade. However, we have a big shortage of space. We have been using the spaces of the school, but the school has more and more programs so that leaves CEPROTEC with less space while we have more branches and more students. This too is something to solve. This fall Bonnie’s School of Seamstress will be formalized. There will not be space issues for it this year, but certainly we will face it next year. The space issue for the vocational school will be solved on the campus of the University, for we will build facilities there for it. We need your prayers for this project and all the other ones.

Brothers, sisters, friends, supporters and teammates, we have a lot of work to do to make Haiti a better place; to grow HIS Kingdom. Let’s do it for His glory and honor for ever and ever.

In Him,

Salonique Adolphe

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