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News For August 31, 2019

Beginning of the Wall for the School and Church Property at White Mountain

Celebration of the Wonders of God

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Life is made of challenges and victories. When it comes to the challenges one should rely on God to overcome them. But the victories are made to celebrate. We have many reasons to celebrate and we should not let the challenges prevent us from celebrating.

First, those of you who pray for Living Water; give to Living Water; share to other people about Living Water and love Living Water are called to celebrate a big victory. This year in all the government tests, namely 6th, 9th and 13th grades, our results were 100%. Isn’t that wonderful? It is a team effort. To all of you who have been part of that, “Thank You”, and let us join our voices together to praise the Lord.

The Church at White Mountain has just celebrated her 7th anniversary. Unbelievable! God has done wonderful things through this congregation. Of course the devil has tried its best to derail it, but thank God we are more than conquerors. Work has also resumed at White Mountain. We need funds to continue. Resuming working is another reason to celebrate. As you can see from the picture, we will build the wall first as we can afford it till completion. If funds are sufficient we can work on both the wall and the school building at the same time. We cannot wait to resume working on the Fred Green Elementary and High School building. God is able!!!

At the end of last month unto the beginning of this month we were blessed by the visit of a medical team of twelve members. It was a joint effort of United Methodist Church of Stillwater and Sunny Brook Christian Church people. The team was the first to come since February. They saw hundreds of people at Highland, White Mountain, Marmelade, Gonaives and Port-au-Prince. Their visit was a blessing to those families. We celebrate God’s care of them. We thank the United Methodist leadership and her people and we thank Sunny Brook and GCF for making this trip possible. May God bless all of you who have graciously blessed so many in one week.

We have several things to celebrate at Highland:

(1) We need to celebrate the fact that for the first year we sent students to the government test, the results were 80% for John and Helen Meyer Christian School. This is a good result. Three years ago, nobody from that area thought something like that was possible. The government officials who visited in the process of accreditation were amazed at the progress and applaud the effort. We are working hard so that next year we can have a 100% success at Highland too.

(2) We need to celebrate progress on the construction of classrooms. It is a slow and nerve racking since school will be back in session in less than two weeks and we are pretty far behind, but way ahead of where we were a month ago.

(3) This past Sunday we received 396 boxes of food from A Child Hope International and US Air Force provided the transportation. Last year they did the same and we were able to feed the children. This feeding program was one of biggest success factors of the school year. The students had no trouble to learn. They had no concern coming to school. Consequently we had a great school year. Now the amount of food we have will not be able to feed the kids for the whole year. We will have way many more kids, probably 50% more than last year. But we are confident that we have enough food for the first term of the school and the first month of the second term. I pray by this time we have a solution to feed the kids the rest of the school year.

Please, I humbly ask you all: Churches, Sunday school classes, families, individuals, business, organizations to accept my words of gratitude for making it possible for us to have a very successful school last year. Let us team up together to do it again.

As I am writing this newsletter about celebration the wonders of God, I have in mind all day that it was five years ago today my American daddy, Fred Joseph Green passed away. Also fifteen days ago this Friday my long time friend and supporter Paul Parrish was buried. Please pray for his wife Olabelle as she is facing the day alone without Paul after over half a century of doing life together. Yep, they too are celebrating with their heavenly daddy. In the meantime, you and I, let us be faithful until the end.

In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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