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News For October 11, 2019

He is in Control

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord and Savior: Jesus-Christ!

Sometimes it is very difficult to take even one step forward. Quitting looks very good during those times. But please trust me, I won’t and I can’t even if I wanted to, and I never want to. I am always amazed at how God rekindles the fire for me to move on. This morning, He used our good friend Nancy Mays to pick me up; to lighten my heavy heart and to tell me that He is in control and I need to trust HIM!

Everybody who has been working in Haiti knows that Haiti is a wonderful place and a tough place at the same time. We have made some progress in recent years, but in the last fifteen months, especially this year, things have been very bad. We had only one week of school last month in Gonaives and two weeks at Highland. Marmelade has been on and off. The crisis is not a crisis of gas or road blocks. It is a crisis of hearts. It is a crisis of love. It is a crisis of selfless leadership.

People claim they are striking for or against the president to leave. Life is more difficult, unemployment, and the list goes one. Fine! But how are the mothers and fathers who are in the streets trying to sell something to take care of their kids so guilty they have to be killed and their goods have to be looted? How is it that the students are not permitted to go to school and many heartless people are applauding? Why do the little ones have to be harassed because they braved the streets to go to school? Selfishness stinks. Wickedness stinks. They are at the roots of our sufferings.

Everyone who loves Haiti is suffering. Haitians living outside the country, those living in the country, and missionaries are all suffering. They suffer terribly. And, I am so sorry that this is the case. I am also grateful to all of you, especially those of you who pray and fast for Haiti. Please keep praying for Haiti. I don’t know how we still stand, but some how the good Lord who is in control keeps us up on our weak feet.

My friends, this is not the time to be discouraged, and trust me I am talking to myself as well. It is the time to go to our knees to ask for strength to continue with the struggle, with the fight. The fight for a new Haiti where Jesus is King. A fight for a Haiti where people are influenced by godly principles. A fight for a Haiti where people are educated in a Christlike manner and they are not prone to be manipulated by corrupted people. Please remember, if it were not the selfless works of missionaries all over the land the situation would be worse. I myself would be in a situation. I dare not imagine. So Let us brace ourselves and continue to battle for better days.

It is a new school year. We have major challenges. This situation makes our challenges even higher unfortunately. We need you very, very much.

I know some of you have already done more than you could afford. Thank you for that. But please make the effort of recruiting a person or two to help us face the challenges of this year. Expenses are higher in every aspect of the ministry from salaries to daily expenses. Please keep praying for us. Encourage a friend to sponsor a child and refer them to our website: .

Please remember those that this situation has made it more difficult for them to put food on the table for their kids.

Attached are a number of photos. They seem to be self-explained. The last one is about a 76 acre property that we are trying to buy. It is to be the site for the University that we aim to build to continue the education of the Haitian people. We had twelve acres but it is too small for the entire project. It is landlocked now and all attempts to unlock it are very costly. We are not able to wait for a time it will be unlocked. Plus the fact it is too small for the whole project. If you are willing to join us in purchasing it please contact me about it.

Because God is in control tomorrow will be much better and Haiti will be a paradise again. Remember, He is in control.

Yours in Him,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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