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News For December 11, 2019

Dr. Dan Helping a Mother and Her Baby at the Clinic

Thank YOU!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

I thank God for making it possible for me to leave Haiti safe and sound and for bringing me back to my family and ministry in one piece, in spite of all the concerns we have all had and rightfully so.

Thanks to all of you who welcomed me in your home, in your churches and in your organizations! Thanks for feeding me and taking very good care of me. Thanks to church leaders in MO, IA, and IL who opened their doors to us to present Living Water. May God bless you all.

Since September, Haiti has been the scene of unrest. We have known all kinds of violence. Gangs are operating shamelessly. The government tried to resume school in the country last week since September. Even then parents minds are not tranquil after sending their kids to school. Gonaives, my city, has not had school at all. One shooting follows another.

Mothers don’t feel safe to go to open markets to sell goods in order to take care of their families. It is not safe for fathers to do much of anything. Businesses have been under obligation to send away their employees with the hope of rehiring them when things are back to normal. Trashy streets are everywhere. Some dirty minded people think it is a way to force the duly elected president to resign for committing no crime, except the crime of trying to help the poor, his people, and for trying to get rid of corruption in the country.

Thanks to all the friends of Haiti who pray every day. Your prayers have done amazing things for Haiti. Please keep on praying for Haiti. It would be nice if you could also provide the financial means necessary to help feed people at this critical time. The situation was bad prior to this chaotic time. It is much worse now. I am not surprised at all by the place Haiti occupies in the Human Development Index that has just come out. Please pray. Please help us feed. Help us educate. Help us provide medical care. Help us so that we can ensure a better future for many.

Many of my friends say I always report positive things. Yes! All the things that I have reported are true. Dr. Dan and his team are making a big impact on people for Christ through the health clinic. I have seen him introduce people to Jesus and convinced patients to return to Christ. And, he gets busier and busier every day with patients who love the way He serves.

Praise God the construction of the orphanage has resumed this week. Jude is trying to get as many supplies as he can so that he can continue to work without much delay.

People are surrendering their lives to Christ through the water of baptism. While Gonaives’ schools are yet to reopened, our school at Highland has resumed working since last week. Our vocational school has been holding a seminar recently for the students, preparing them to be competitive in the market, but also to teach them to create their own business.

All the churches are doing well, especially at White Mountain. This church is bursting. They have turned every corner into a space of worship or teaching. It is incredible what God is doing there.

We resumed working on the wall and will resume working on the construction of the Fred Green Elementary and High School. So please donate so we can reach the completion of this project. I have at the present 12,000 USD to resume working, so please help us make this school available to the people there. God has taken care of the legal battle. Praise be to HIM!!!

We had some wonderful meetings planning about the upcoming university. We need your prayers for its success. God has already shown us, He is with us!

It is humbling to have you as teammates. So thank you for praying for Living Water and Haiti. Thank you for giving for the progress of this ministry. May God bless you all for our sake.

In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe and Team

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