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News For July 2, 2020

Teaching About the Historicity of the Resurrection

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Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord: JESUS!

COVID-19 has changed our world and our treatment of each other. In many ways we were distant prior to COVID-19. Now we are even in agreement to be socially distant from one another since COVID-19 has created “social distance”. But let us not allow it to create “spiritual distance” as it might be what the enemy is looking for the most. Let us strive to be closer to God more than ever. Let us strive to be spiritually closer to one another more than ever. Doing so would defeat the enemy’s plan.

I wholeheartedly thank everyone of you who has made great sacrifices so that we could help many people to put food on their table on several occasions during this trying time. Your brothers and sisters here, and everywhere Living Water serves, thank you. Early on we used our traditional way of doing food distribution which has worked for nearly 18 years. But we quickly learned that it was not wise to continue with the same method. During one of our distributions, despite our care and prudence, it almost turned out bad.

Since then we decided to stop using the old model and we decided to put some money in envelopes to give to people with the stipulation that it is for food. However, some did not follow our recommendation and were still in need of food. After several formal and informal meetings, we decided the best solution is to prepare the bags of food and deliver them to people’s homes almost like one at a time. So far it is working wonderfully. We praise God for our leaders and their hard work to serve our community.

Our services have been online (Facebook live) and live on the radio station since March 22nd of this year (Covid effect). God is doing something great with these two media of spreading His worship and His word. The last two Sundays on Facebook live we had well over 2,000 viewers, again not counting the thousands who connect with us through the radio station. We also have a Facebook live Bible study via the radio and another Bible study only through the radio. Haitians in many corners of the world download our radio app (Radio Eau de Vie) to listen to good Christian music, Bible messages and teachings.

Covid-19 makes us work more instead of less. Really, our impact reaches a width and a depth that we could not anticipate, not knowing our radio station would be people’s sole spiritual life enrichment and support for such a long period of time. Many came to Christ through the programs as well. So, all of you who made it possible for us to have a radio station: Thank you! God bless you. God will pay you back for your participation in the spreading of the gospel.

We have several people who surrendered their lives to Jesus in baptism during this period as well. We had quite a few weddings and funerals. The weddings are mostly adults who were living together when they were in voodoo and who are not being obedient to Christ. These people will be baptized pretty soon too.

For the last two months many efforts have been made to have the farm going on non-stop. We hired a guy to keep the project moving. We have tested the well and all is good to go. We should have plenty of water to start. We are doing mostly drip irrigation. In the meantime, we hope that the drilling rig that our brothers from Oklahoma are bringing to Haiti will make it here soon. We have already set up a nursery for 1500 lemon trees. They have just started. The nursery is at the church property. We have just started raising honeybees. Samuel, our administrative director, hopes to have 10 hives by the end of the year. People are convinced more and more that agriculture is the way to go. We see a new enthusiasm in people to do gardening and farming. We hope to put several thousand fruit trees in the ground this year. Please pray for success.

Yesterday flights in and out of Haiti resumed. The government is not settled on the best way to handle people coming in so we do not see a resurgence of many cases of the virus. The government has announced that schools will resume shortly. It seems that whether or not the president makes a public announcement, many will head back to church this Sunday. Church and school are the only two institutions not functioning as usual in Haiti.

  • Please pray for our leadership.
  • Pray for the radio station.
  • Pray for the Construction of the Orphanage.
  • Pray for our schools.
  • Pray for the University project.
  • We want you all to know that we pray for everyone even when we don’t mention everyone by name. May God bless you for our sake.

Yours and His,

Salonique Adolphe and team

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