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News For May 16, 2021

The Brothers and Sisters in Worship at Living Water

An Update of Living Water


Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

I want to thank all of you who have been praying for Haiti in general and for us at Living Water in particular. Your prayers have done wonders. They keep us safe. We entreat you to continue to pray for political stability, for a complete cessation of kidnapping, and for the wellbeing of every Haitian. We count on your prayers.

All our schools are doing well. We are very busy getting ready for the government testing which will take place in July this year. The churches are also doing well, even though there will always be some issues to deal with. Satan does not take breaks. He works nonstop. We rejoice for and with those who have surrendered their lives to Christ. We continue to learn about various facets of running an orphanage, not just in a social-legal way, but better in a God-honoring way. In the meantime the construction of the orphanage is progressing. The radio station continues to do her job to the glory of God. God has not ceased to amaze us with testimonies of the impact of the radio. Praise God! The health clinic is busier and busier. Dr. Dan and his staff are doing an excellent job in providing the care that people need with the limited resources available. Sam and his team continue to work diligently on the farm project in order to put a few hundred fruit trees in the ground soon. Pray for me because I do need a lot of wisdom to deal with these various situations/issues which take place daily.

We thank God because of all our partners. We thank God because of you! Feeding has resumed in the school of Marmelade thanks to a contribution of IAMM and the Ladies at Kenai Christian Church. It was the best thing we could have done with these funds. Highland students are running out of food. I would be relieved if the next ACHI shipment to Haiti took place in the next few days. ACHI and Whitewater Crossing have made it possible for us to feed the school of Highland. All of our schools are using the Magazine Challenge, an ACHI publication, in class for reading. The school staff appreciate its content.

I thank God for the workers of Living Water and their families. They make our progress possible. I pray that they will continue to serve with good heart and in the best interest of God’s people.

My friends, I need a new bus to transport the teachers and staff to Highland school. We have had too many breakdowns lately. Two of those breakdowns should have been fatal, but God’s mighty hands prevented that from happening. I am very grateful to God for sparing the lives of our people. On one occasion the bus quit working as it was going down a mountain. Just imagine! But God did what God does on every occasion: The impossible! He stopped the vehicle in an amazing way and the lives of our teachers and staff were spared. Dr. Thomas Sharp foresaw those troubles over two years ago. We need a new bus, preferably a brand new one. Please help us to get it!

Today, we are preparing to celebrate the 18th anniversary of school. Celebrate with us the miracles of life changing through those years. I have just received today the invitation to a graduation ceremony from one of our alumni, he is now a medical doctor. Incredible! God is good.

Happy anniversary to all who sponsor a child at Living Water, those who give to RBK, those who made it possible for us to educate those kids. God bless you all.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe and team


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