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News For August 29, 2021

Brother Junior Estevol Animating the Kids

Blessings in the Midst of the Storm

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

My last email was not the typical emails that I have written in the past. I wanted my friends to be aware of the reality of our constant struggle. My teammates and I have felt the punches of the enemy. Yet, we have always known that we are victors and not victims. Even this knowledge did not make the attacks or the punches less painful.

I appreciate very much the love which you have shown me through your emails, text messages on Messenger and elsewhere. They were all very encouraging. I am tempted to mention names, but I won’t remember all the ones who called, so I refrain from naming you my friends. I appreciate the commitment that some of you have made to pray more for us. Once again, you have convinced us that I am not alone in this battle. Thanks to Mr. Bob Stacy for sending me a devotional that I did not see until this week. For some reason it was lost in a bunch of emails that organizations send daily. Thank you!

I have promised you to share some of the blessings that the Lord has lavishly poured unto us in the midst of the storm. A few Sundays ago White Mountain celebrated their 9th anniversary. It is unreal that it has been that long since the church has been established. It has not ceased growing. They have a big need for space. Please pray for them. We need funds to continue the construction of Fred Green Elementary and High School, and also to complete the construction of the walls surrounding the land.

We had not been able to hold Church Camp for the last two years for two primary reasons: political upheaval and Covid-19. This year, it has been recently safe enough to decide to have the camp for the kids. Despite what has been said, God has done wonderful things for Haiti during this pandemic. Only God could have spared us from dying by the thousands every day from Covid-19.

Because of HIS protection, we have over 400 children from 8 am to 1 pm and we feed them two meals a day. Living Water Christian Mission and the kids thank you from the bottom of our hearts our brothers and sisters of Mountain Grove First Christian Church for providing the necessary funds for us to hold this camp completely free of charge for the kids. I thank God for the leadership of my brother Junior Estevol who has been doing a wonderful job leading several teams of adults who are responsible to care, feed, teach Bible, teach the kids in several social areas and arts, and entertain them. The joy in the face of those kids is gold. The adults, teachers, the cooks, and the parents rejoice as well.

We continue to make progress on the construction of the orphanage. They are stuccoing both the inside and the outside of the building at the same time. We made some progress on John and Helen Meyer school’s building (Highland). The South section of the school building now has its tin roof on the third floor. They are working on the concrete roof of the West section of the third floor. The West roof of the third floor is where we are putting the solar panels for the school. Thanks to our teammate Paula Beauchamp and her team, they have raised over 13 thousand dollars to put a solar array at Highland. This way the computer lab and the whole building (Also the community) will have reliable power and will not have to depend on the generator that will be set in place there. Some of the supplies of the system are already bought. We are waiting on the concrete roof to be poured to set everything in place.

Thanks to Kenai Christian Church and her leadership, we have a new generator at the school with a capacity which will take care of the school campus for a long time. This has also helped us to have sufficient energy at the church and clinic now, because the generator, which was at the school is now at the church. The one that has been at the service of the church will be moved to Highland for backup energy for when the sun does not supply enough energy for the batteries or for any other reasons. We have plenty of reasons to thank God; among them are also the people who surrender their lives to Christ in baptism. Let us praise God for his blessings in the midst of the storm brothers and sisters.

Living Water Christian Mission would love to intervene in helping children from some of the villages affected by the Earthquake to go to School. We would love to raise at least 10, 000 USD so that we could pay the school fees of a few kids. We will pay the school fees of any chosen student for the whole year, this way their parents will not have to worry about education fees for the year. Pray and consider partnering with us in sending kids to school in the areas affected by the earthquake.

Yours in Christ,

Salonique Adolphe and Team

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