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News For November 25, 2008

Salonique's children

Salonique’s children

Heartfelt thanks

Dear beloved brothers and sisters,

Allow me to greet you all in the name of Our Great and Awesome God, JESUS!

Last Sunday I was at the Christian Church in Liberal, MO. The opening song was the well-known and most appropriate song, “Count your blessings.” That is what we all need to do, not just this week, but why not make it a habit to do it every day of our lives. I am sure that will be a part of our eternal worship in heaven.

School Cafeteria

School Cafeteria

I want to say thanks to all our supporters. The list is long. It includes individuals and Churches. I would like to list all of you, but even then I would not be able to really thank all of you. What about those who pray for us and I do not even know their names? What about those who give and have chosen to give anonymously? What about those who give along with their fellow brothers and sisters as member of a congregation, sunday school class, women’s group or men’s meeting? You see the list goes on.

However, please allow me to name one Church, on one island in the Caribbean and that is the Church in Bridgetown, Barbados. I was amazed when brother Dale and his wife Wendy were looking for me at the National Missionary Convention. They wanted to deliver the gift that the Churches (two) of Barbados sent as their contribution to help the brothers and sisters in Gonaives Haiti. They were also victims of two hurricanes Hanna and Ike. They gave beyond their means. Thanks to them and praise be to God. May Our God richly bless them.

Church Service

Church Service

This morning I have also been thinking about those who helped me through College and Seminary and one name comes to my mind — brother Al Byars. Well, brother Al Byars is already rejoicing with the Lord and yet his works continue. This brother helped pay my tuition and my books on many, many occasions. I am sure he is saying this was nothing in comparison to what he is enjoying at the present from His Master and Our Master, Jesus.

Thanks to all of you who welcomed us into your homes: The Cherilus in West Palm Beach; the Pierres in Orlando; Mary and Paul Nichols in Lynn, IN; Calvin and Angie Steinke in Rensselaer, IN; Mike and Amy Perry in MO; Jack and Stephanie Sumption, in MO and the list again continues.

Students in class

Students in class

Thanks to all of you who prayed for my wife before, during, and after the surgery. She is doing well. She still has some pain but everybody who sees her is pleased by the progress. We thank Dr. Celeste Miller-Parrish for all her help from the first time I explained the situation to her several months ago to the actual surgery and even after that. Thanks Doc. Thanks to all of you who sent flowers and cards to her. Thanks to Carolyn Herron, Carmelita Kaser and Fran Burton as well as the people from Iroquois Valley Christian Church. May God bless you all for our sake. Thanks to all of you who prayed for our family, particularly our children while we are away. I am sending you a picture of the bunch. Enjoy.

While we are here the work in Haiti continues. This week they tackled the work on the cafeteria. First they have to dig out the dirt and mud to find the original ground. Pray for them so that everything goes well. The school continues and more students are coming. The Church activities also continue very well. So please pray for us so that Living Water can continue to be a light for the people in Gonaives.

I have learned that the Haitian government still has not done much to clean our city. Everything in our area is still the way I left it. The streets are still filled with mud and dirt. Please pray that something can be done to improve the situation.

I love you all. God bless you.

Yours with a grateful heart,

Salonique Adolphe

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” … “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the fundation of this temple, his hands will also complete it.” (Zech 4:6, 9)

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