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News For December 30, 2008

Repairing furniture after the hurricane

Repairing furniture after the hurricane

Happy New Year!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Every day we face challenges and receive untold daily blessings. I do not know about you, but I enjoy seeing progress. Unfortunately, progress is not always easy. There is a price to pay; lots of sweat; dirty hands and sore feet. That isn’t so bad but sometimes loved ones suffer. Children, wives, or husbands suffer because dad or husband or wife has to be away from home so much. These are high costs. Yet sacrifices have to be made to further the gospel; to further His cause; to make other people’s lives easier.

House Cleaning After Hurricane

House Cleaning After Hurricane

All of us at Living Water have experienced first hand all these prices. I thank God for my caring wife who is always supportive and shares the burden of my ministry.

Micah, my closest friend and associate, knows his share of difficulties. I thank God because he is always a man committed to his family while taking care of others.

I thank God for Jude the builder who sacrifices many, many long hours with his wife and beautiful daugther for Living Water. He is making it possible for church members to find a place to worship; students to find a place to learn; employees to find an office to work and the list goes on.

I thank God for Murielle who has tirelessly worked from the first day of Living Water to the present to make our job easier. At the same time her little girl cries volumes of tears each time she sees her mom leaves home.

Wedding of Ezechiel and Josiane

Wedding of Ezechiel and Josiane

I thank God for Moses who stays committed to his family while making sure the books are balanced, the checks are paid and needed things are bought. He has been a part of Living Water just like Murielle and Jude from the first day of the institution.

I thank God for the principal of the school and his staff who have made great sacrifices to make an enviable name for our school. I thank God for the teachers of the school, the ministers of the Church, men like Jude Dessalines who is always there to work for God. He has been a treamendous blessing for us. Since I cannot name them all, I thank God for everyone here who makes it possible for us to be where we are. Happy new year to them!!

Ezechiel kissing Josiane

Ezechiel kissing Josiane

I thank God for everyone who has prayed for Living Water; encouraged workers of Living Water; visited Living Water or donated funds and/or goods to Living Water. I could name some individuals and Churches, but I choose not to. Thanks to everyone who supported Living Water one way or another this year. This has been a challenging year in many ways and for many reasons. But it also turned out to be a year of blessings, only because you care.

Oh, I love you. I praise God for you and WE pray for you. The funds you have provided have allowed us to feed thousands; provided schooling for hundreds; made thousands happier and healthier and provided a home to several. To you all, Happy New Year!!!

I have waited until now to share the good news with you. I received a call this afternoon confirming the arrival of the bus and the two containers. The ship had a little difficulty arriving due to a lot of mud left from the hurricane. But another phone conversation confirmed that they are ready to begin unloading the ship with our goodies. I am told it is second in line to be unloaded. This blessing also requires your prayer. I know the negotiation will be difficult for us concerning the customs fees. Please pray for God to touch the hearts of the customs people so that they help us instead of hinder us. Pray to God for a good deal on the custom fees. There are no set fees. Please, please pray for a very, very good deal.

After church

After church

The work on the inside of the cafeteria is almost complete. There will be very little left to be done by tomorrow. The metal doors should be ready also by tomorrow as well as the metal frame of the windows. The cafeteria will become handy as we are going to need a place to store things before distribution.

People have been very busy here at my house getting it ready to welcome our missionaries coming on the fifth. Furniture is being repaired; doors are being repaired and the house is being painted again. If you look on the inside you would not think that it was under water.

I have a couple of pictures of Ezechiel’s wedding for you all. I hope you can enjoy them. Ezechiel is the evangelism minister of the Church and his new bride Josiane is the secretary of the school. Praise God for them and pray for a long and happy marriage.

Happy New Year to you all.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” … “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the fundation of this temple, his hands will also complete it.” (Zech 4:6, 9)


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