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News For April 6, 2009

An evening church service

An evening church service

Victory in Jesus in Marmelade

Dear brothers and sisters,

What a wonderful experience! What a joy it is to work for The Most Powerful God! What a growing experience it is for both young and mature Christians to see first hand that the power of the voodoo gods are insignificant compared to the power of God the Creator!

First, let me start by thanking My God, Our God for the fact that He has answered our prayers. It didn’t rain over Marmelade during all the time we were there. Incredible! Especially when we were in a place that always has rain. An old Christian lady told me “Son this is His work. He prevents the rain so the Word could be proclaimed.”

Praising Jesus

Praising Jesus

We thank God for all the fruitless efforts of the witch doctors in the area to hurt our people. We are aware that they cast many spells but nothing worked. Three of them came Friday night with voodoo stuff to hurt or kill whomever they found but they failed miserably. In fact the people prayed that God would knock them down. The prayer was made loud enough to made the witch doctors uncomfortable and they left our land. Once they left the crowd went wild praising God.

We thank God because our people worked hard on the construction. True, did not get as far as we planned because we had many hurdles. We never received the sand, rock, or cement on time. Never. We didn’t have a truck to transport the materials ourselves and that was big set back. While we are not satisfied with our progress, the people of the area were amazed with how much we were able to do.

Invitation after the message

Invitation after the message

We thank God for the people in the area who welcomed us like we were angels. They opened their homes. They helped us. We thank God particularly for sister Lorianna. She should be closed to 80, if she is not already. She opened her home that her children built for her. She let us use her water for cooking, to mix mortar, etc. She blest us in many, many ways.

We thank God for those who sent us: Living Water Christian Church, our first Church in Gonaives. They picked up an offering for us. Some give in spite of their own needs. They stayed behind praying for us. They called us regularly to hear reports on the progress of the trip. Aunt Meriane cooked a big pot of stew (yam, plantain, sweet potatoes, etc) and sent it to our workers.

New church members

New church members

Among our senders are our faithful supporters. We would not be able to take multiple trips to Marmelade without your much needed help. We would not be able to purchase a piece of property (2,000 USD) and have it fully paid without your help. We would not be able to feed forty missionaries without your financial help. We would not be able to begin the construction without you. Oh, dear God, please bless all of those great children of yours.

Some of you may think we have saved the best news for last? You are right. We wholeheartedly thank God for the 70 people who gave up voodoo to choose Jesus as their savior and Lord. Some of them are already facing opposition, but they are not afraid. Some of them were deep in witchcraft. They vowed, with the help of God, to give up these practices.

Giving up voodoo tools

Giving up voodoo tools

Yesterday we had 97 people in the service. Among these people we had the first 48 members of Living Water Christian Church of Bassin (Marmelade). Ezechiel told the children who were there yesterday morning to invite their friends for children’s circle and 35 showed up.

I think I have to stop here for now.

I have five photos for you. The first is a photo we took in one of our recent evening services. In the second one you will find the people who were praising God in the worship service yesterday. Most of those people do not know the songs of their new Faith yet, but they are learning. The next photo was during calling time, From left to right we have Nathan, Jacky, Christian, Habaccuc, Salonique, Ezechiel (the new preacher of the new Church), and Djharlens on the bass. The fourth shows you our first Church meeting. The last photo was taken in the home of Suzette, a new convert. She decide to give up voodoo forever. There is the risk that her husband might leave her for that decision. She said she is tired of voodoo. If he leaves, he leaves.

Pray for those people. Here are some prayer requests.

  • Pray for the growth of the new converts
  • Pray for Ezechiel and his wife, Josiane, as they are working toward moving permenantly in Bassin
  • Pray for funds to finish the Church building
  • Pray for those will go to help Ezechiel with this fantastic work
  • Pray for a school to be established there by September
  • Pray for the growth of the Church


Thanks to everyone who has helped financially and who prays consistently for Living Water. You are making an eternal impact.

All for Him,

Salonique Adolphe and team

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” … “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the fundation of this temple, his hands will also complete it.” (Zech 4:6, 9)

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