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News For August 13, 2009

Worship last Sunday

Worship last Sunday

News from Living Water

Dear brothers and sisters,

What a privilege it is to be in the service of the KING of kings! He has blessed us in so many ways, but unfortunately we don’t always see some of those blessings. I spent roughly 16 days in Alaska. I slept in four different homes: David and Katie of Christian Church of Anchorage, Paul and Karen Green of Faith Christian Community, Cabin number four at the camp and Don and Bev Waldrop. Now don’t ask me to name the different places that I have eaten. I can tell you that I enjoyed all the meals that have been offered to me. Thanks to those great people of God. People drove me from place to place, others provided things that I needed. All that for zero dollar. It is a privilege to be in HIS service.

The West wall of the school campus

The West wall of the school campus

I thank God for the leadership of the Churches that I have been in this trip, namely Christian Church of Anchorage, Faith Christian Community and Kenai Christian Church. Praise God for them. I praise God for the faithfulness of the brothers and sisters at Kenai Christian Church, for they have poured out themselves and their earthly blessings to the work of Living Water. The leaders of FCC have a great program to reach out to the poor. May God lead them in their efforts.

I had two great weeks of camp. It was a minor family reunion in a sense. The deans of those two weeks of camp: Adam and Allen did a fantastic job. I was blessed.

Doors on the 2nd floor of the 2nd school building

Doors on the 2nd floor of the 2nd school building

I arrived here in Gonaives yesterday afternoon. I received a kingly welcome by my family and the Church family. I praise God for that. I was anxious to go to Living Water campus to see for myself what has been done. I was very pleased. The last three pictures of this e-mail will give you an idea. I know Micah, the administrator of Living Water who is now in Missouri, would like to see these great things, but he will have to wait for a couple more weekends. The workers continue to work like crazy and they are even thinking about burning some midnight oil in order to get the campus and classrooms ready for school in September. Really in spite of all their efforts, they are running out of time.

I am glad to announce to all of you that the bus has arrived. We were supposed to get the stuff out of it today, but the guy who should supervise the delivery could not be there. He was bitten by a dog on his way to work and he could not find a tetanous shot in this whole city of 300,000 people. He had to drive all the way to Saint-Marc just for the shot. Imagine!

The two buildings of the school

The two buildings of the school

You see how much we are in need of the health clinic in Gonaives. Just a side note, please pray for the Bennetts who are planning on taking the lead in working toward establishing a clinic at Living Water. We need that very much.

The man to supervise the delivery of the bus called me tonight to let me know that we will do that early tomorrow morning. Pray for that. The Bobcat has also arrived. We need this machine so much that I cannot wait for it to be in our hands. Now also pray so that customs fees are not too high.

I was going to call this news: “Good news and not so good news,” But I didn’t want to alarm you too much. We have some not so good news to share with you about the result of the government test. The twelfth grade results are in, and we only have two students who passed the test in the first run. The second run is in two weeks. Pray that our students who are going to take the test pass it.

I have to tell you that the results are a historical catastrophy. One school send over 100 students and not one of them passed it. The 9th grade results are better, but not very good. We have 6 students who passed it and the rest are qualified to retake it next week.

The elementary results are encouraging, though we didn’t have the 100% pass rate we thought we were going to have. Two of our students didn’t pass the test. My son, Marc, is second in his class. So we are proud of him and he is going to seventh grade in three weeks.

The first picture was taken in the worship service last Sunday. I don’t know the number of people in attendance. Desilien, our former children’s minister who left Hait in January 2008, could not believe how fast we have grown. Marmelade had two wonderful weeks of revival and they had 105 last Sunday. We had one baptism yesterday morning at Living Water here in Gonaives.

I think that is enough for now. Pray for us. We are praying for you.

With love,

Salonique and the team

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” … “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the fundation of this temple, his hands will also complete it.” (Zech 4:6, 9)

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