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We praise God for bringing Living Water Christian School into existence.  Through the influence of the school several students have given their lives to Christ. Others have had their faith deepened in Christ by seeing the wonders of God and how God’s power is really stronger than the power of the voodoo gods. Every time a professor, a staff member or a fellow student prays for a demon possessed student to be set free from demons God always answer their prayers. Events like that make them realize the power of Jesus. When the students arrive on our campus in the morning they start with the morning devotion.  It includes singing a hymn, prayer and a short message. They have a daily student-led prayer meetings every day during the second recess. On top of all that we teach the Bible.

We need as many students as possible in this kind of environment. To make this possible we have established the Sponsorship Program. This is a program where families, a church, a  Sunday School class or individuals pay for the schooling of one or several students.

All of our students come from very poor families.  Even if they have a father or a mother who works their salaries usually do not cover the basic needs of the family. Some of them do not earn enough money to put food on their table.

Having a sponsor for each and every one of our students will provide a huge relief for their parents. It also gives the student the privilege of receiving a good quality education which improves the chance of success for that student.

It also makes it possible for Living Water to maintain the high standard of education we want to offer.  The teachers benefit from the program because they will have better salaries and they will be paid on time.

As for the sponsor, her/his account in heaven will increase and they will have the satisfaction of helping to transform Haiti for the best.  Please join us in this effort by sponsoring a child and by motivating others to do the same.

The sponsor of a child in the elementary school will contribute 30 USD every month, or $360 a year.  You can sponsor a high school student by contributing 50 USD every month or $600 a year.  This money will be used to pay the monthly student fee for the child and includes the entrance fee and provides a hot meal each day.

Please do this for one of the children of God. All funds should be sent to our forwarding agent. Click on the link to see the mailing address. You will receive a receipt for all donations.

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  1. First Christian Church of Vandalia (High/Jr. High Sunday School)

    Our High/Jr High Sunday School Class would like to sponsor a High School student. We plan on doing this starting in May of 2016. We will commit to doing this for one calendar year. We are excited to partner with living water since our church has made multiple trips over to Haiti already.

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