Living Water Christian Mission

How To Help

Things people can do to help Living Water

  1. Pray earnestly and fervently for the mission
  2. Sponsor an elementary student of our school (30 USD/month)
  3. Sponsor a high school student of our school (50 USD/month)
  4. Donate to Rice and Beans for Kids
  5. Give a one time gift or a monthly support to LWCM
  6. Take short term trips to Living Water Christian Mission to help in construction and other areas
  7. Become a teacher at one of the educational institutions of Living Water Christian Mission
  8. Supply the needs of Living Water Christian Mission: school & office supplies, food, clothing, musical instruments, etc
  9. Fund one of our many projects

4 thoughts on “How To Help

    1. kenadmin Post author


      You can get more info on visits on our Mission Trips page. If you are interested, please complete the information form on that page and submit it to get the process started.

      Thanks for your interest in Living Water Christian Mission.


    1. The Editor Post author

      Living Water does not collect used medicine bottles, but thank you for thinking about Living Water Christian Mission.

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