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Rice and Beans for Kids

We are pleased to say that the feeding program has been a success. We feed about nine hundred (900) people  daily. (I cleaned my plate two hours ago.) Today the ladies fixed corn meal, beans and dry fish sauce. It is actually one of my favorites.

The daily meals bring joy and big smiles to hundred of faces. They help the students learn better and faster. They reduce the symptoms of hunger such as migraine headaches, stomach ache and dizziness. Students, parents and teachers are very thankful for the program. We are also very thankful for the program. God will shower His blessings on those who make it possible.

There are two ways you can help.  You can sponsor a child or contribute to the RBK Program. The acronym RBK stands for Rice and Beans for Kids. This program has been established to make it possible for those who wish to contribute to the feeding program without needing to sponsor a child in school. Contributions can be one time, or on a regular basis.

All the money goes toward the feeding program. It is used to buy rice, beans, corn meal, spaghetti, dry fish, sardines, vegetable and any other things that the kitchen might need.

Those who have the desire to contribute to RBK decide how much and how often they want to give. We need over $5,000 (US dollars) a month to run the program.  Any contribution brings us closer to the amount needed.

Remember, you can also sponsor a child at Living Water school with 30 dollars a month for elementary and 50 for junior high and high school.

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