Living Water Christian Mission

Short Term Mission Trips

Each year hundreds of people visit Living Water Christian Mission to support the mission and to become better acquainted with all that is going on there. Most people come in groups to work on various projects around the mission properties. Some come to help with construction work, while others come to help in the medical clinic, or to teach or preach. Everyone can find some way to help.

To ensure that each group can be scheduled and accomodated, we are asking that each group leader fill out a brief application form. This will permit Living Water to better serve those who would like to visit Living Water.

You may either complete the online form below or mail in a paper application. If you prefer to mail the application, then please print out either the Microsoft Word (docx) file or the Adobe PDF file , fill it out, sign it and mail it to the Living Water Forwarding Agent.

If you are printing the form you will see that it also contains information about preparing for your trip, the country of Haiti and help in understanding the Haitian money system.

If you are completing the online form then:

Please send in the form well in advance of your desired travel dates. Please remember that facilities for visitors to Living Water are limited so some flexibility will help in scheduling the time of your visit.

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