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Understanding Haitian Money

There is actually no such thing as a Haitian dollar bill and everything is paid with goudes. One “Haitian dollar” is the equivalent of 5 goudes. Therefore if you someone is charging you ten Haitian dollars you would give them 50 goudes.

Remember, they ask for payment in “Haitian Dollars” but you pay using Goudes!

The U.S. to Haitian currency exchange rate changes frequently but generally it is around 8:1.

Here are some examples based on that rate.

  • $1.00 US = $8.00 Haitian = $40.00 Goudes
  • $5.00 US = $40.00 Haitian = $200.00 Goudes
  • $10.00 US = $80.00 Haitian = $400.00 Goudes
  • $15.00 US = $120.00 Haitian = $600.00 Goudes
  • $20.00 US = $160.00 Haitian = $800.00 Goudes

You can see the pattern. Multiply the US dollars x 8 (or whatever the exchange rate is at that time) and then multiply the amount of Haitian dollars x 5 to give you the total amount in Goudes.

Remember if you are unsure of what to do please ask one of the Haitian representatives. Often, they are given a more favorable exchange rate, so they will purchase all items for a team and split up the bill later.

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