Living Water Christian Mission

Student Sponsor FAQ

How do I sign up to sponsor a student?

You can select an available student to sponsor by clicking on “sponsor now”. After choosing a student, you will complete the process online and set up your account Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for your commitment.  Once you create an online account for your sponsored student, you will be able to manage your commitment yourself.

How is my financial commitment processed?

You can designate to pay either through credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) through your bank. Payments will be processed online through a company called Front Stream and payments are completely secure.  Payments will be automatically deducted on the day of the month that you select.

Where do the students go to school?

About 450 students go to the Living Water School in the city of Gonaives. This school is in an urban setting. About 300 students go to the Living Water School in the town of Marmalade. This school is in a rural setting about a two hour drive from Gonaives.

Is the grade listed on the photo info their current grade?

The grade listed is the grade that they just completed. However, each student in Haiti has to pass a national test to move on to the next grade. Some students have to repeat grades, but if they pass the test, they move on. In Haiti, students have to complete 13 grades instead of 12 which we have in the US.

Am I able to correspond with my sponsored student?

Letters or packages cannot be mailed directly to Haiti as there is no consistency in postal service. It is very likely that the letter would never make it to the student. However, when short-term mission teams are going to Haiti it may be possible to send letters down with them. In addition, some online communication may be possible as well.

Can I go visit my sponsored student in Haiti?

Yes, you can, but we would ask that you not schedule your own trip down there, but work with the Mission Forwarding Agent.

Will I get updates or new pictures of my sponsored student?

Since this is a new initiative we do not have an answer to that question at this time. We hope to get online updates of the students moving forward.

What if I can no longer continue my financial commitment?

Go online and make that change through the webpage. Once you do, the student you had been sponsoring will become available for someone else to sponsor. We are asking people to make at least a one year commitment to a student.