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News For November 21, 2018

Praying Before Breaking Ground for the Launching of the Construction of the Church in Marotte

Special Announcement

We are pleased to present “The Living Water Christian Mission Giving Catalog”. The vision for this Giving Catalog is to provide everyone an easy way to give gifts, memorials and celebrations to your family and friends. 100% of all the funds received for these gifts will go directly to Living Water. Please click on the link above to view and download the catalog.

Living Water has been blessed with a matching funds opportunity. From now thru December 31, any funds received specifically for the planned orphanage will be matched up to a total of $30,000. Feel free to write-in a new gift, #33-Orphanage.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It is really hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here. As I am writing this many of you have already started traveling, or are packing to head out either tomorrow or Thursday morning. One of my friends was lamenting on Facebook for the fact that she is going to be separated from her dog for five long days. She added that the worse thing is the dog does not even know about it. But I am pretty sure that she also anticipates good times with friends and family.

I can safely say that we all have had to deal with challenging issues at one point or another this year. I know some of you feel like that’s all you had to deal with, because you have had an unbroken series of challenges in many aspects of your lives. For others it is one big challenge that seems to be beyond our strength or too big for us to overcome. Thankfully nothing is beyond Our God! Thankfully nothing can overpower Our Mighty God.

Well, my friends, Paul’s challenge to the young Church of Thessalonica was this: “In Everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for man in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thess. 5:18). It is also ours. I know for a fact that our challenges can easily obscure our vision of the wonderful things that God has done, and is doing in our lives, in our families, in our work place and in our ministries. But please, put your spiritual glasses on, please hear again the beat of your spiritual heart so we can again see and feel the wonders of God in our lives. We all have reasons to give thanks to God. If nothing else, be mindful of what the Psalmist have written about three millennium ago, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150:6).

Living Water Christian Mission always has a long list of reasons to give thanks to the Lord. We give thanks to the Lord for everyone who prays for us. Last Sunday a dear friend hugged me and said, “I pray for you.” I have had a number of people who confided to me that they regularly pray for us. One childhood friend, who has been living in the United States of America for a while now, told me a few months ago, “I pray every day for you.” Oh, thank God for these precious friends and families who remember us in their prayers.

I thank God for all of our donors. They are churches, individuals, families, Sunday School classes, church camps, children in VBS, after school program kids, para church organizations and businesses. God takes notes. Some of you have given recklessly, thus you have sown abundantly. Others, I am sure, might have sown sparingly, nevertheless you have sown. Hopefully God has shown you that He always keeps His end of the bargain and by that learn to give more.

I thank God for all those who have worked hard on both sides of the ministries. I thank God for Brian, his wife Jessica and his sons Preston and Dawson. I thank God for Bonnie Furniss and her husband John, Priscilla and her husband Corey Mehafffy, Ken and Patricia Croll, Harold Engle and family, Doug and Kristy Delp, Chad and Marie Summa, Mom Jan Green, Jeff and Val Heberlein, James and Deanna Hansee, Bill and Jenifer Wagner, Dan Barrick and family, Cody McDaniel and family, Ken and Pati Boatright, Dr. Sharp and his wife Diane, Paula and Rick Beauchamp, Shari and Larry DeGraaf, Miles and Susie Kappes, and the list goes on. Those people, among others, have worked day in, day out, voluntarily, with no pay, to foster the progress of Living Water Christian Mission. Please join me to give thanks to God for them all. Now I am not going to attempt to name those who are in Haiti who have worked hard every day to make Living Water go forward. The list would be too long and the people too many to remember them all. You see, it is team work. Satan is working hard to weaken the team, but with the many prayers God will always give us victory.

I thank God for what He is doing through the Mission: launching of the planting of a new church at Marotte, leading people to worship God as a community on Sunday and during the week, provision of medical care through Dr. Dan and his team to several hundred people each week, physical and the spiritual growth of the churches, particularly at our one year old church at Highland, training and the investing in young people to have a profession, an education to help themselves, their families and their communities, daily broadcasting of our radio program (Christian songs, teaching, preaching and other Christian based shows) which reaches out to about one million people, distribution of both physical and spiritual food (Thanks to brother Roberts who provided 600 USD to buy Bibles for people), existence of a seventh grade at Bassin Billé Marmelade where finally girls will not have to stop their education because it was out of reach and risky for them, availability of food, and quality education for the kids at Highland through our Christian school John and Helen Meyer. We praise God for all of the 1,632 students we have this year in all our schools put together. May God use us to positively impact them to the point that they will spend eternity with Him.

Seriously, we can not name all of our blessings and opportunities for service the Lord has given us. What about the fencing of the farm property, the drilling of wells, the purchase of the land for the orphanage, the construction of the wall at the orphanage? What about helping widows with rent, small business and payment for the education of the kids thanks to one beloved sister in Alaska? What about a Church who purposefully chooses to help those who are among us to face their challenges. In short, thanks be to God who has made it possible to do these things and many more.

I thank God for OHP, IAMM, IDES, A Child Hope International, Lifeline, The Precision Line, Hasten International and CMF whose president is brother John Hendrix for the many ways they have helped Living Water in serving the people of Haiti. Space does not allow us to talk about the contributions of each and every one of those organizations. Our God knows what they have done. We look forward to continuing to team up with them to keep on impacting Haiti for Christ.

I thank God for every family who has welcomed us into their home and who has fed us throughout the year. I thank God for Dr. Randall Moore and Dr. James Mahoney for working on my wife’s knees so that she can enjoy better heath in near future.

Allow me please to thank God for my family. My wife and all my kids have been amazing in keeping me in this fight. May the Lord continue to lead them and use them for HIS glory.

I thank God for YOU!

My God, our God, is amazing, loving, caring and patient. So above all else thanks be to HIM for being consistently who He is.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!! Enjoy the food, the fun, the friends and the family members with much love.

Again Happy Thanksgiving,

Salonique Adolphe and Team

P.S. Our most crucial prayer request now is that we find the funds to buy solar equipment to power the transmitter on the mountain for our radio station. The government has not provided electricity in the last two weeks, so the radio station has not been on the air. It is urgent and we need roughly 25, 000 for the whole project.

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  1. Randy Richeson

    We are so concerned for your family and and Living Water. Information concerning the troubles in Haiti are scarce on the news media. We at Kenai Christian Church are praying for you. We would appreciate any updates so we can pray for specific needs.

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