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News For July 23, 2011

Bible Study with Luke

Bible Study with Luke


Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in His name!

I am very grateful to all those who have prayed for all of us who are working for God’s kingdom. I know you prayed specifically for me. I am deeply grateful for your prayers. I petitionned you to continue to pray for us. Because of your prayers we have had a week much more different than the previous ones. On top of that all the meetings we had this week were enriching. We had fewer cases of demon possession, though Luke had to do an all night fight early this week.

Jacob proclaiming the word in preaching class

Jacob proclaiming the word in preaching class

I have many blessings to praise God for, so I am taking this occasion to do so. First, I thank God for you all. I mean YOU. You have prayed for us. You have shared our struggles and victories with others and consequently more people are thinking about us, even praying for us. You have contributed financially in spite of the terrible economic drought so we can continue to influence others for the Kingdom and as a result win more for Christ. You have encouraged us in many ways.

I thank God for the leadership here. It is nice to see our men growing deeper and deeper in Christ. It is also nice to see women stepping up to be more involved in ministries. I praise my God for men like Jean Gilles, Luke, Monexant, Jackson, Caceus, and these are a just a few.

I thank God for the fact that the Bible study continues to do fairly well in spite of the Summer. Luke is putting his best into teaching. He enjoys that. On top of that he uses technology to produce a lot of visuals and the people love that. I am afraid the people will find me boring when he leaves in a few weeks. Pray for him that doors may be open for him as he is preparing to go to Cincinnati Christian University.

Learning to write Bible book names

Learning to write Bible book names

I thank God for the men who continue to come to be trained for service. I thank God for my professors who trained me in preaching, for example. Godly men like Bill Walton who worked patiently with me in my early months of training for ministry. I thank God for men like Bob Stacy, Michael Curtis and Dr. Bruce Smith (Cincinnati Christian University). They poured themselves into us students. Well, we don’t dissapoint them today with our preaching. Yet I can honestly say they are the ones who made me want to teach preaching. Because they made a preacher out of me, I am hoping that I can contribute to make other people become preachers as well. The preaching of my students has blessed me and encouraged me greatly.

Thank God for the progress of the literacy program. Two different groups of people are learning on a daily basis how to read and write. I like the fact that the Creole Bible is a text book. They love that too.

Second training meeting before starting small groups

Second training meeting before starting small groups

Another blessing this week was the training we gave to over 40 people who will be leading small groups (cells) in our church. After the first Sunday of August we will have 10 different small groups/house cells. They will meet twice a week in someone’s home for prayer, praise, Bible study, sharing of testimony, prayer requests and encouragement to service, particularly home visits and evangelism. We met on Monday, then on Friday. We will meet again next Monday. Pray for the success of this effort. I was inspired to do this after the seminar on Small Groups that Mount Carmel encouraged me to attend last April. Thanks to them. Those godly people there are blessings.

I praise God for the fact that the house we were building for our parents (my in-laws) is completed today.
I have many more blessings that I could share with you, but I will stop here. Work continues in preparing ourselves to build the church building.

God bless you and have a great time worshiping the KING tomorrow.

In Him,
Salonique Adolphe

Luke's teaching on the Objectives of Small Groups

Luke’s teaching on the Objectives of Small Groups

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