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News For March 22, 2013

Church Annual Planning

Church Annual Planning

Events of the Moment

Dear brother and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in HIS name!

We praise God for what He is doing through the different ministries of Living Water. In Marmelade, the school is doing well in spite of the humble state of our facilities for the school and the church. As I am typing these words work is continuing on the foundation for a couple classrooms. Early last week Gine and I went to visit the school. She brought stuff for the students and the teachers and also some stuff for the church members there. They were all things that she had collected for the ministry there. Pray for their progress; for Ezechiel and his wife Josiane and the other leaders there.

The medical supplies are still at the dock. We are hoping to get them out today if possible. We will loan funds from the cafeteria to pay the custom fees because we want to have those medical equipment as soon as possible. It will cost roughly 3,000 USD when we add all the different taxes they skillfully come up with. The third picture shows the truck at the dock. I will be elated if we can enter the campus with it this afternoon.

Gine Visiting Classrooms in Marmelade

Gine Visiting Classrooms in Marmelade

The students are out for Easter break. Teachers and school staff are busy grading exams and preparing report cards, which are due next weekend. Next week we will welcome Dr. Michael Lockwood and his wife, Ray and brother Jonathan. Ray will work on vehicles and the rest will focus on taking care of patients at the clinic, possibly teaching my nurses and Dr. Dan about the medical equipment just arriving.

Those of you who knew about the ordeal we were going thru with our house — everything is over now. We should complete the back wall tomorrow, Lord willing. Thanks for your prayers and concerns. Thanks to Dr. Matt Hardee and Daniel. Thanks brother Doug and mom Jan Green. Your prayers and genuine concerns help us big time. May God bless you on our behalf.

Clinic Material in Gonaives

Clinic Material in Gonaives

I will be in the States in April-May. I will spend the biggest part of the trip in Ohio. I hope to get the chance to visit again with many, many friends, particularly my friends at Bridgetown Church of Christ in Cincinnati. In May we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the school. Pray for the success of the event. We will count it a success when all voices there give all the glory and honor to our Lord of lords: Jesus. He is wonderful.

Please continue to pray for White Mountain and their challenges. Two Sundays ago they had 105 in attendance. I fail to inquire how many they had last Sunday. Praise God for His wonders.

These are just a few of the events. God continues to use the health clinic to restore the health of many. One of the events which is going on now is that the tiles are being laid at the present on the second floor, thanks to our Oklahoma friends.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe and team

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